Nova Dairy rolls out Shuddhta Ki Mithas campaign ahead of Holi

Nova Dairy rolls out Shuddhta Ki Mithas campaign ahead of Holi
Nova Dairy rolls out Shuddhta Ki Mithas

25th March 2024, New-Delhi: Nova Dairy, one of the pioneers in the Dairy Industry in India serving purity,  has launched a new campaign, Shuddhta Ki Mithas ahead of Holi that mingles the zeal of the festival with the nutritious aspects of the delicacies that are prepared on the occasion.

Holi is the festival when we commemorate the conquest of evil by righteousness. And it is for this reason that we celebrate this festival with an unmatched exuberance. Ghee happens to be the perfect partner of happiness on such occasions. And it is with the help of ghee that a lot of traditional delicacies can be prepared on Holi such as Puaa, Gujiya, Gulab Jamun, Boondi, and Gheehar, which further heighten the fervour of festivities.

Nova Dairy’s segment of Shudh Ghee and Cow Ghee, prepared by the help of traditional bilona churning method, come along to heighten the taste and delight of these delicacies with its natural aroma and illuminating essence, thus, leaving behind sweet memories to relish in future.

Discussing about the inseparable attachment of ghee with Indian festivals, Mr. Ravin Saluja, Director at Sterling Industries said, ‘We are sincerely delighted to have launched Shuddhta Ki Mithas campaign ahead of Holi because we know that in the Indian landscape, Mithas can only be spread if Ghee is used to produce it. Nova Dairy’s segment of premium ghee ensures that our customers are served with the best quality of delicacies in the preparation of which Ghee is actively brought into usage. Without Ghee, you cannot feel the delight of any traditional Indian festival, truly.’

Nova’s commitment to customer satisfaction and standards has remained steadfast. And it is with this relentlessness that Nova is committed to serve its customers in making countless memories around such festivals.

Some of the products by Nova Dairy include A2 Ghee, the most premium and the most pure ghee in the segment, Pasteurised milk, UHT Milk, Paneer, Dahi, Nova Chach, Shudh Ghee, Cow Ghee along with Dairy Whitener, Dairy Creamer and many more.

About Nova Dairy:

Nova Dairy is a trusted name in the dairy industry, known for its commitment to providing premium quality dairy products. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Nova Dairy continues to be a preferred choice for consumers seeking excellence in dairy products.