The Indian School of Image Management (ISIM) held the ISIM Summit 2023

Indian School of Image Management Honours Women Entrepreneurs at ISIM Summit 2023 

The Indian School of Image Management (ISIM) held the ISIM Summit 2023

The event was organized on completing five years of the institution and acknowledged the 'Nari Shakti' by honoring ISIM alumni.   

These notable achievers were among the 250+ female members of the institute that have been enabled to take on entrepreneurship over five years.   

This showed that as a community-led and represented by women, ISIM has been trying to contribute a significant share in empowering the 'Nari Shakti' of the country.   

The keynote speakers at the event included Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP, Founder of Indian School of Image Management; Chief Guest Ravindra Sathe, Chairman of Maharashtra Khadi and Village Industries Board, and Speaker Guest, Ms. Priti Gandhi, National Social Media Advisor, BJP.   

They emphasized motivating women to start businesses, dealing with negative stereotypes that prevent their progress, and how life skills training is the need of the hour.  

"The biggest challenge our country faces is not being able to provide education that integrates values, said Mr. Ravindra Sathe, "These values include exactness, discipline, urge, concentration, alertness, time management, integrity, obedience, and nobility. As trainers and educators, to impart these values are crucial".  

"Image consultants and soft skills trainers are very crucial in the domain of politics. The representatives of the government need to have an incredible image not only in domestic affairs but also in international relations." said Ms. Priti Gandhi, "Image consultants and coaches can hence play a key role in the dynamics of the political world."  

Later in the event, the ISIM Impact Awards recognized extraordinary individuals for their astounding feats in music, food travel, and sports. This prestigious accolade honored those who left a mark on their industries. 

The recipients included Aashi Hanspal, the youngest female Formula driver competing in the prestigious Formula Racing Series and the W-Series; Raman Iyer, an accomplished musician-storyteller who has traveled to 14 countries with music and stories and Kajal Kothari, a food-fashion influencer with over 600,000 followers on Instagram. 

The chief guest presented the ISIM Awards to achievers from the ISIM community. 14 ISIM alumni were honored in the categories of Image Consulting, Soft Skills, Fashion Styling, Communication Training, Etiquette, Social Media Presence, Mentoring, and Faculty.   

The event also featured an exclusive panel discussion on "The Importance of Life Skills in 2030"   

Given the rising need for employment on a global front, the topic for panel discussion emphasized why image and soft skills play an essential role in the future. 

The panel speakers included the Managing Director at Galderma India, Mr. Hariram Krishnan, Dr. Dhirendra Gautam, the Managing Director of the India Coaching Federation, and Deepak Chawla, Director of Human Resources Training at SVKM, Mumbai.   

The speakers highlighted issues such as using responsiveness as a life skill, focusing on providing growth to training participants, and the role of life skills in living a satisfying life. 

This was followed by the ISIM Fashion Show, which featured the 'Sustainable Fashion' theme.   

The theme was chosen to promote the belief that fashion should not come at the cost of the planet. It also signifies that fashion can be beautiful and ethical without compromising quality or style.  

ISIM Alumni pushed the boundaries of creativity by gracing the ramp in redesigned and recycled outfits while garnering praise from the audience. Their costumes were made of eco-friendly fabrics and used sustainable practices in their manufacturing and marketing chain.   

“We are incredibly proud of building a transformative ecosystem at ISIM over the last five years,” said Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP, Founder of ISIM. “Through our unwavering commitment, we have enabled image and soft skills professionals by providing empowering education, fostering infrastructure for employment and entrepreneurship, giving back to society with our knowledge, building a strong tribe, and ultimately promoting self-reliance among women, making them ‘Atmanirbhar’ entrepreneurs.” 

About the Indian School of Image Management (ISIM):  

ISIM is India's first premier education institute to provide internationally recognized programs for Image Management, Soft Skills, and Fashion. These programs are approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). It is the gold standard of Image Consulting that brings the same level of versatility and excellence found in Image Management institutes abroad to India.