Surya Roshni's announced the launch of Energy Efficient 5 Star Petal Ceiling Fan. 

Surya Roshni announced the launch of Energy Efficient 5 Star Petal Ceiling Fan. 

Surya Roshni's announced the launch of Energy Efficient 5 Star Petal Ceiling Fan. 
Surya Roshni announced the launch of Energy Efficient 5 Star Petal Ceiling Fan. 

Setting new standard in Energy efficiency & cooling 

Delhi : Surya Roshni's Consumer Durable Division takes pride in announcing the launch of another 5 Star Petal Ceiling Fan. With a commitment to delivering superior cooling solutions for homes and offices nationwide, Surya upholds its legacy of quality, excellence, and environmental responsibility.

The 5 Star Petal Fan sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency, performance, and design, catering to the modern consumer's preference for eco-friendly and visually appealing products. This fan while employing the traditional Induction motor technology is able to achieve 5 star labelling, which offers not only higher energy savings by consuming only 34W but also the benefits of longer product life and ease of maintenance. The aerodynamic design, complemented by wider blades for enhanced air thrust, ensures a comfortable and breezy environment, elevating the user experience.

Surya Roshni in addition is pleased to introduce a complimentary Platina LED bulb with purchase of any Surya branded Ceiling Fan. This scheme valid through August’24, not only adds immediate value to customers but also aligns with broader goals of energy efficiency and sustainability. By coupling a fan with Platina LED bulb, Surya Roshni underscores its commitment to offering solutions that mitigate energy consumption, benefiting both the environment and consumers, alike.

Mr Jitendra Agrawal, CEO – Lighting & Consumer Durables, expressed his views about the launch, stating, "At Surya, we're delighted to introduce our latest fan, redefining cooling comfort and convenience. Our innovative fan range exceeds expectations while enhancing the modern-day consumer's lifestyle. Committed to sustainability and efficiency, our fans promise effective cooling, energy savings, and a greener future for all."

Stay cool, stay comfortable, and join us in embracing a cooler, brighter future with Surya Roshni.

 About Surya Roshni Limited 

Since its inception in 1973, Surya Roshni has transformed into an organization that has developed its Lighting & Consumer Durables business and built a stronghold in the Steel Pipes & Strips business. The company started with the manufacturing of steel tubes in 1973, it then diversified by foraying into Lighting in 1984, PVC pipes in 2010 and Consumer Durables like Fans and Home Appliances in 2014-15.

The Steel Pipes & Strips business manufactures a wide range of products and is the largest manufacturer of GI pipes in India and the largest Exporter of ERW Pipes. The business has further strengthened with the set-up of a 3LPE Coating facility unit in 2018 (mainly to Oil & Gas and CGD sector) and Direct Forming Technology (DFT) in April 2022, whereas being one of the largest Lighting Companies in India, the Lighting business manufactures an array of conventional to modern LED lighting. The Consumer Durable business offers a variety of Fans and Home Appliances.

'Surya' Brand and ‘Prakash Surya’ have a strong presence of more than four decades in India. With a revenue of over Rs.8000 Cr, Surya enjoys a robust Pan India presence with an extensive dealer network in both its businesses i.e. Steel Pipes & Strips and Lighting & Consumer Durables.