Yoga makes life Healthy, Wealthy & Wise says Apnaa Samaj Foundation

Yoga makes life Healthy, Wealthy & Wise says Apnaa Samaj Foundation

Do yoga and relieve stress, says Apnaa Samaj Foundation

Yoga makes life Healthy, Wealthy & Wise says Apnaa Samaj Foundation

On completion of 47 days of 50 days Yoga Yojna on occasion of International Yoga Day by Apnaa Samaj Foundation

As you know, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, Apnaa Samaj Foundation had started 50 Days Yoga Scheme from 02.05.2022 to 21.06.2022.

Only 3 days left as on 18.06.2022 of the Yoga scheme started by Apnaa Samaj Foundation and 47 days are left, on Friday 17th June, 2022, Apnaa Samaj Foundation organized conference again at the commercial site of Apnaa Samaj, in which Apnaa Samaj Foundation President Mr. Kapil Agarwal, Vice President Mr. Gaurav Gupta and Sectary Mr.Subhash Goyal and other Respective members of Apnaa Samaj Foundation were involved.

In this meeting, the committee members of Apnaa Samaj Foundation celebrated the completion of 47 days of the Yoga Yojna and also discussed for the day end day of International Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June.

President of Apnaa Samaj Shri Kapil Agarwal said “We all know that yoga has become a popular form of workout these days. Almost everyone around you is practicing yoga and discussing its benefits. In fact the media is also extensively covering yoga-based events or sessions to highlight its benefits to its audience. Apart from this it has also become a form of discipline and is being included in the curriculum of the students to teach and practice it. Hence students and even many professionals are asked to give a speech on Yoga citing its benefits. It can be a good reference point for all speech users.

As you know today our Yoga Group Foundation has successfully completed one year so today's function has been organized to celebrate the achievement of this one year. On this auspicious day, please allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to our members of the Yoga Group Foundation who worked hard to spread awareness among the masses and provide the necessary resources for this one year session. Also I would like to thank all the people of the society who did not miss a single day and looked excited to know this art form and spread this education among others.

 Vice President of Apnaa Samaj Shri Gaurav Gupta Ji and Secretary Shri Subhash Goyal Ji have played an important role in implementing this scheme.

Smt. Mansi Gulati ji (Yoga Guru) has also played an important role in this scheme. Mansi ji has informed the people about this plan through her social media. This is commendable!

Apnaa Samaj Foundation In the span of these 47 days, various small-scale programs have been organized and in the next 3 days, programs will be organized at different places, whose goal will be to reach the importance of yoga to every single person.

Dr. Subhas Sarkar (Hon’ble Union Minister of State, Ministry of Education) also supported this program of Apnaa Samaj Foundation. In today's modern era, the world is battling with many different types of pandemics and diseases, hence yoga increases the duration of our life, yoga is one of the best options that can merge life in this world in a healthy way! If we come to know its full and true importance, then we will keep Yoga at the forefront of our life!

That's why Apnaa Samaj Foundation is now continuing this scheme for the next 3 days, whose goal is Yoga for Life!!

Hope that in the same way Apnaa Samaj Foundation will be engaged in the service of the society day by day!