In Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election 2023, only 4 out of 15 Muslim candidates won on Congress ticke

Four Muslim candidates fielded by the Congress, including Rafeek Khan, Amin Kagzi, Zubair Khan, Hakim Ali Khan, and Zakir Hussain Gesawat, have won in the elections. This results in a decrease in the number of Muslim MLAs compared to the previous election. Among the candidates who lost were Saleh Mohammed and Zahida Khan, both ministers, who faced significant defeats. Other candidates who were unsuccessful include Rafique Mandelia, Naseem Akhtar, Zubair's wife Amin Khan, Imran Khan, Danish Abrar, Wajib Ali, Naimuddin Guddu, and Shahzad Aiyub.

In Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election 2023, only 4 out of 15 Muslim candidates won on Congress ticke
muslim mla in Rajasthan election 2023

Jaipur, Rajasthan: Out of 15 Muslim candidates fielded by the Congress, four have won: Rafeek Khan (Aadarsh Nagar), Amin Kagzi (Kishanpole), Zubair Khan (Ramgarh), Hakim Ali Khan (Fatehpur), and Zakir Hussain Gesawat (Makrana). The number of Muslim MLAs will decrease from the 9 who were elected in 2018. Of the eleven Muslim candidates who lost the polls, including two ministers-Saleh Mohammed and Zahida Khan, Mohammed was defeatedby Mahant Pratap Puri in a power-packed, highly polarising campaign in the Pokhran seat by a large margin of 35,427 votes.
He was minister for minority affairs. In the 2018 polls, he defeated Puri by a margin of 870 votes. Zahida Khan, who faced rebellion from the party andMuslim community leaders, faced a humiliating defeat by finishing third in the Kaman seat. Nauksham of the BJP won Kaman, defeating Independent Mukhtar Ahmed by a margin of 13,906 votes.Against opposition by locals and senior party leaders, the Congress fielded Rafique Mandelia and Naseem Akhtar, who both lost the polls for the fifth and third time in a row, respectively. Mandela contested the assembly polls in 2013 and 2018 before and two Lok Sabha elections in 2014 and 2019. 
"The candidature of the duo was not approved by the screening committee and was cleared at the behest of CM Ashok Gehlot. They suffered the fate that was expected," said a party leader. Zubair, who is close to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, defeated Sukhvant Singh of the Azad Samaj Party. He was given the ticket in place of his wife, Congress veteran Amin Khan from Sheo finished third. Others who lost the polls include Imran Khan (Tijara), Danish Abrar (Sawai Madhpur), Wajib Ali (Nagar), Naimuddin Guddu (Ladpura), and Shahzad Aiyub (Soorsagar).
Source : timesofindia