International Speaking Championship on 7th August 2022

The International Speaking Championship will be held on 7th August 2022 at Hotel Le Meridien connaught place, New Delhi.

International Speaking Championship on 7th August 2022

MS Talks India: Public Speaking is not as easy as it sounds. Because it's about speaking in front of the world, it's about speaking in front of a large audience, it's about speaking with a lot of confidence and speaking with will power.

If we say that there is going to be an inspirational international speaking championship. You will find something very interesting and inspirational in it.

The International Speaking Championship 2022 is organized by MS Talks.

MS Talks: MS Talks has in the past organized Literacy conferences, public speaking events and skill workshops in different states.

The founder & CEO of MS Talks India is Author Sherry. He is a Renowned International Public Speaking Coach and TEDx Speakers coach in India. Author Sherry is 9 times TEDx speaker and 4 times Josh Talks Speaker himself. He is on a mission to create a million 'public speakers' in the country by 2030.

International Speaking Championship is curated by Author Sherry as he strongly feels everyone has a story and stories shared with the world has the power of transforming lives and just by learning and doing public speaking anyone can change their way of life as it helps to enable the power of expressions and subconscious mind.

The mission objective naturally turned out to be - 'Inspiration from Anywhere'. It went on to organize - public speaking events, championships, skill-development Workshops and 'Story - telling Sessions', throughout the globe and more than 40,000 public speakers across the world with more than 400+ events online and offline. 'The response and participation has been amazing' says Author Sherry.

The International Speaking Championship will be held on 7th August 2022 at Hotel Le Meridien connaught place, New Delhi. There will be many eminent guests, great personalities, the inspirational & international public speakers are going to come. That's why this event is going to be a very special and inspirational mega event in India by MS Talks India.

The guests of honor are H.E. Alberto A. Gyani (Ambassador of Uruguay), H.E. Paulias Korni, OBE (High Commissioner of Papua New Guinea),

H.E. D.R Roger Gopaul (High Commissioner for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago),

Himeesh Madaan (Motivational Speaker & Influencer), Nasir Abdullah (Indian Film Star), and Parvinder Singh (Finalist of great Indian laughter challenge 2017).

The VIP Guests are Manoj Sharma (founder & CEO - Cinemascope production), Jasprit Dhingra (founder & CEO - Banc), Shyamli Rathore (Director - KATM ZAMBIA) and Puneet Singh Chhatwal (Founder & CEO - Win Ventures).

The participants lists includes:- Kavita Sirotia, Shubham Kumar, Babli Gambhir, Sagar Bhandula, Monika Singh, Sachin Singh Rajkumar, Richa Chaturvedi, Gauransh, Anshu Khurana, Lipi Gidwani, Gunisha, Vineet Singh Galhotra, Vinita Negi, Saurabh Janagal, Dr. Gurmukh Singh, Manasi Mahapatra, Shaurya Gupta, Diya Arora, Avanish Pathak, Meena Karmakar, Col. SPS Malhotra, Kanupriya, Indu Bala Sharma, Divya Bhargava.

There will also be an inspirational award for inspiring personalities who did great in their respective fields. The awardees are Mr. Kunj D. Channe, Kuldeep Singh Arya, Super Suresh G, Mr. Manikundan Ramu, Irinder Singh Ahluwalia, Rohit Sarin, Rishika Sarin and Damodar Hota. To make this event more interesting there will be Ms. Sachi who is a model & anchor and she is going to do anchoring in the inspirational eve.

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MS Talks India & Author Sherry's mission is to inspire the world, by real peoples, with their real story & their stories of great struggles.