The Peace & Interfaith Conference was organized Madariya Sufi Foundation (NGO), Mumbai under  the title ‘SUFI SANSAD’ (United Against Hate)

The Peace & Interfaith Conference was organized Madariya Sufi Foundation (NGO), Mumbai under  the title ‘SUFI SANSAD’ (United Against Hate)

The Peace & Interfaith Conference was organized Madariya Sufi Foundation (NGO), Mumbai under the title ‘SUFI SANSAD’ (United Against Hate) was conducted on 11th June 2022, 4 pm at Yashwantrao Chavan Main Auditorium, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with Key Speakers from UK, USA & India. The list of Speakers are 1. Pire-Tarikat Syed Mahzar Ali Saheb 2. Syed Salman Chishty (Ajmer Sharif) 4. Mufti Allaudin (Islamic Scholar) 5. Dr. Kennith Robbins (USA) 6. Mohd Sameer Boghani (Madarvi).

The Peace Conference was started with the recitation of Surah from Holy Quran by Syed Mahzar Ali Saheb followed by Naat in the praise of Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). The Poem ‘Preet ki Bani bol re bhaiya (Say the Language of Love) a poem on interfaith was sung as well.

Immediately after this the Indian National Anthem was played at the conference. Pir-e-Tarikat Syed Mahzar Ali Saheb from Dargah Zinda Shah Madar, Makanpur, UP said that tackling hate speech is the responsibility of all – governments, societies, the private sector, starting with individual women and men. All are responsible, all must act. Hate Speech by any one from any religion, faith, race should be condemned and we all should collectively ensure zero tolerance for such heinous criminal act.

Haji Salman Chishty, Director- Chishty Foundation, Ajmer Sharif, India who is in Switzerland (Europe) Trip joined the conference via Zoom Call online mode and addressed the audience. Haji Salman Chishty strongly condemned ‘Hate Speech’ and also emphasised the need to refrain from ‘Debate’ as it leads to conflict or disagreement, whereas Chishty Sufi tradition believes in ‘Shobat’(company) of right & talented individuals. Also the Ulema or Debate Panel members from any sufi tariqa or khankah should not participate any heated debate programs as certain electronic media is using them to enhance their 

TRP ratings. Moreover, these Fringe organizations have not following or are not backed by anyone but create the atmosphere of confusion, fear and hate leading to crime and violence. The Fire can only be doused by water and in the same manner Hate can be curbed with Love. The divine teachings of Haz. Khawaja Garib Nawaz of Love towards all & malice towards none was also preached.

Finally, Haji Salman Chishty stressed that SUFI SANSAD type of conference events should be regularly conducted in cities, town, villages and even in small gatherings which will strengthen interfaith relationship, promote communal harmony leading to peaceful society and Nation.

Mohd Sameer Boghani (Madarvi) , President of Madariya Sufi Foundation shared his remarks in the SUFI SANSAD Conference stating that “education can counter hatred because it can contribute to inculcate children and youth with the values of respect for diversity, universal brotherhood, nurturing interfaith relations, peaceful coexistence, and dialogue - principles that are essential to peaceful and inclusive societies, where each individual is respected without discrimination.”

Ms. Talat Fatimah Sameer Boghani, a young girl and student of Jai Hind College, Mumbai in brief talk shared her experience of hate speech over social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube etc. I urge the Islamic scholars, community and religious leaders from different religions to come forward jointly and set great example to our society that we can stop hate speeches and develop strong interfaith relationships to strengthen our nation.

Mufti Mohd Allaudin Qadri of Darul Sanaya, Mira Road, Mumbai remarked that today muslim minorities are provoked by certain fringe groups and call for genocide etc are given which is not acceptable in multi diversified country like India. He said that Sufism means peace, tolerance and respect to all other faiths and we should all get United against hate 

The Peace Conference (SUFI SANSAD) was ended with Sufi Blessings and prayers.

By Syed Afzal Ali Shah Maududi.

Editor cum Bureau Chief.