IMPAR Appeals for Maintaining Peace.

IMPAR Appeals for Maintaining Peace.

IMPAR unequivocally condemns the violence in different cities and appeals to all to maintain peace. IMPAR specifically appeals to the Muslim community to keep patience and cooperate with the police for peace and normalcy.

The prevailing turmoil does not augur well for either the community or the country. What started with the absurd comment by BJP spokesperson on the TV debate has turned into widespread violence, which must not spread further. We call upon the clergy and other Muslim community leaders to come forward to guide the misguided that violence in the name of religion or the ‘hurt feelings’ can not be justified. The sufferings of the common man today on the streets and the families of protesters tomorrow on account of violent protests is no service to Islam. It only brings bad name to the community. The image of the country is also tarnished internationally. 

IMPAR also calls upon the police and enforcement authorities to show patience and better understanding, and not use excessive force in cases of simple protests or stone pelting. The common Muslim is hurt and his feelings are being exploited by religious bigots or vested interests. The police will do better job in punishing the instigators and provocateurs than the misguided protesters. IMPAR also calls upon the community organisations, clergy and the scholars to spread true message of Islam.

The life of the Prophet is full of instances where he responded violence by gesture of peace and goodwill. Those taking the matters to street are actually working against the spirit of Islam in the name of Islam. Such acts must be condemned as we all must condemn the comments of Nupur Sharma and likes. 
Dr. MJ Khan
President, IMPAR.

By Syed Afzal Ali shah Maududi, Lucknow.