Invoking Indic Wisdom - From Board Room to the Himalayas

Sri Anish was an HR practitioner and entrepreneur. He co-founded “People Strong” a pioneer HR Tech company, and at the peak of his career, moved to the Himalayas for his spiritual quest which was courting him for a long time.

Invoking Indic Wisdom - From Board Room to the Himalayas

A talk by Sri Anish Exclusively for the members and well wishers of Bharatiyam

Report: Sunit Narula:

July 30, 20222: Sri Anish - a celebrated Indian spiritual teacher, author, visionary and founder of “Sadho” had an invigorating interaction with the founders, members and well wishers of the national level NGO “Bharatiyam” in the serene environs of The Gnastic Centre, Palam Farms, Bijwasan, Delhi.

About Sri Anish:

Sri Anish was an HR practitioner and entrepreneur. He co-founded “People Strong” a pioneer HR Tech company, and at the peak of his career, moved to the Himalayas for his spiritual quest which was courting him for a long time. After nearly a decade of spiritual sadhana, he was guided by the supreme force, towards the collective awakening of humanity. He then started his journey of initiating the community into learning from ancient Indian wisdom, bringing consciousness in education, awakening the business leaders, connecting people back to nature and awakening the spirit of Bharat through media interventions etc.

He is spearheading a 9 episode web series under the title “Sone Ki Chidiya” to propagate and celebrate our ancient wisdom in various carefully chosen areas. The intention was to awaken the people of our country and particularly the new generation by reminding them about the forgotten glory of India's culture, civilization, heritage, wisdom and scientific abundance; and inspire them to revive the glory of our country. Each episode of “Sone Ki Chidiya” re-ignites a sense of acknowledgement, pride, and gratitude for India and its age-old wisdom, which is still unbeatable and relevant in today's time. In this series, he shares the historic facts of damage caused by British invaders through systematic destruction and plundering of our heritage, culture, spiritual and education system, wealth, and wisdom.

His vision is to re-establish Dharma (highest wisdom) as the basic principle for living in the society.

Sri Anish ji is also the celebrated author of an interesting book “Let the Mud Settle” which is creating ripples in the literary circles for its clarity and motivation to adopt Indic thought for a wholesome life.

About Saadho:

Saadho Sangha Foundation is an NGO founded by Sri Anish ji in 2019. The objective is to re-establish dharma based social structure and revamping the education system based on Indic values and virtues with a moral fabric. He pursues his vision without any commercial or profit motive. Attitude of giving is the cornerstone of Saadho.

About Bharatiyam:

"Bharatiyam” a national level society, was founded in the year 2007 by Shri KJ Rao (Former Secretary Election Commission of India), Mr Anil Gupta (a senior GST officer) and Mr Srinivas Kotni (Founder of the law firm Lexport). It is an initiative of like-minded individuals who have excelled in their respective fields, with a singular objective to make a positive impact on the environment and the society at large. It has been successful in the last few years in creating awareness of responsible behaviour towards environment through a novel and engaging methodology of art and culture infused activities.

Bharatiyam has been successfully spearheading a variery of environmental, afforestation and other initiatives like:

- Herbal Gardens

- Laghu vans in MCD schools

- Urban Forests

- Rural Forests

- Plantation and afforestation drives

- Pond and waterbody revivals

- Ragas for Yamuna

- Covid Care Concerts

- Yamunotsav

- Vatsalya (for orphans)

- Tulsi Janmabhoomi revival project etc.

 Today’s Excusive Event : 

A Sangam of Sri Anish, Saadho Sangha Foundation and Bharatiyam  

Firstly Sri Anishji congratulated Bharatiyam and it’s team on doing a commendable job in protecting and nurturing the environment, around the panchatatvas or panchabhutas i.e. earth, water, air, fire, and space.

Sri Anish ji in his discourse, spoke so eloquently about the Indic philosophy revolving around the protection of nature and a better living based on dharma. He took all the participants on the orbit of spirituality and patiently answered the various questions on issues like procrastination, time management, multi-tasking, truth, dharma, responsibility towards environment, winning over fear etc. The most important aspect of the interaction was his practical wisdom and his ability to relate to each individual in the audience. He didn’t sound like a spiritual guru but had all answers to the most complex questions which plague us. Being a 70’s kid who had a regular upbringing in west Delhi, everyone could relate to him due to his contemporary way of speaking and the kind of every day examples he uses to put across his point. It is only when he starts dipping into his in-depth Indic knowledge and his never ending repertoire of small short stories, one realises that he is a torpedo under his skin. The way he speaks and puts across his point is quite refreshing and satisfying, showing no airs about himself. Unlike the stereotypical spiritual guru, Sri Anish is quite unassuming and easy in his approach and interaction. He is low noise and high performance in all departments of Indic philosophy and its dexterous delivery. It is a delight listening to him. He had the ability to convert anybody into a deep thinker.  

He spoke passionately about the four purusharthas namely dharma (righteousness) , artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation). That it is only in India, these four goals are perceived in the context of life. That most of the western civilisation is based on Artha and Kama only. That differentiates India from the rest of the world. We in India add the dimensions of dharma as the foundation and moksha as the ultimate to complete the equation. That our Rishis had mastered the nature and its laws and the solutions given by them in the fields of medicine, metallurgy, astronomy, mathematics etc., are the basis for each principle of modern day science. That there is no difference between spirituality and science in the Indic philosophy and scheme of things.

His easy attitude with practical wisdom was a great hit. He is a role model for the entire generation and the depth and wisdom he brings to any topic is unbelievable. The important pointers / take away from his interaction and his message to Bharatiyam can be summed up as follows :-

- Experience the pure nothingness;

- Understand the 4 Purusharthas / Pillars of Life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha;

- Dharma can be practised by doing everything constructive in abundance and not doing anything with right to title or expectation but with accountability and responsibility;

- One can not escape from one’s own lies;

- India is the only country which has the wisdom to co-relate Earth & Human Body as one, which are both made up of 70% water and rest also the other four Pancha Bhutas and we need to protect the same;

- One can get rid of fear in all forms by accepting death (like Buddha would ask them to go and observe death closely in the somber environs of a crematorium, before giving deeksha to his disciplines;

- One can handle procrastination by living in the present;

- Most of our problems are because we take ourselves and things very seriously getting the laws of nature;

- We need to bring back India's glorious education system based on spiritual wisdom and once again become a Sone ki Chiriya.

Undoubtedly the exclusive interactive session with Sri Anish was a pure bliss.