BJP leaders are making public properties dirty.

The Delhi government has renovated and beautified the properties for all the public, but the BJP workers are making them dirty by putting their advertisements in those properties.

BJP leaders are making public properties dirty.
Mangalam School Wall

New Delhi: BJP workers in Delhi are making public property dirty. BJP workers are printing their advertisements on the properties made by Delhi government for public of Delhi. On the other hand, while Delhi schools are being blared all over the world, BJP's tail leaders are printing advertisements on the walls of those schools as well. Even if there is a poster, it can be removed, but these people are getting it printed. What is their purpose after all? Does BJP call destruction as development?

The newly elected councilor Ravinder Negi from the BJP of Ward 198 West Vinod Nagar has got the advertisement of Thank You Modi printed at the mohalla clinic itself.

Mohalla Clinic

"Hey! Thank you Modi ji is fine" but Mr. Negi for thanks did you get public property only? Sarah's entire social media is lying, tagging Modi ji and pasting her thanks. But this is also the problem, for this it is necessary to be educated and intelligent.

Mohalla Clinic has been built by the Delhi government for all public, if you do not know about Mohalla Clinic, then we tell you that the main objective of Mohalla Clinic is to provide health facilities to the people in their own locality. , so that they do not have to run towards the hospitals. There should be less crowd and the people coming there can be treated properly. In this clinic, free check-up, medicines and consultation facilities were made available to the poor class people. But the BJP workers are not sparing even the public property related to the health of the people, they are making it dirty and dirty with their advertisements.

It is necessary to take action against them so that in future these people do not harm public property.

Report: ISMA TIMES NEWS DESK (International Services For Mass Awareness)