Israel's IDF has bombed the ancient Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in Gaza

The bombed orthodox Church has a historical significance as it is the third oldest church of the world dating back to 425 AD.

Israel's IDF has bombed the ancient Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in Gaza
Saint Porphyrius Orthodox Church in Gaza bombed by IDF

New Delhi, 20th October, 2023: The Greek church is located close to the Gaza's Baptist Hospital, which was bombed a few days back by Israel, which resulted in the massacre of hundreds of innocent civilians during terror military targeting.

The main purpose of the bombing of the Gaza's Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital and now the Church, which stands in the neighborhood of each other, is nothing but to massacre the innocent Gazans and indulge in genocide of the Palestinians.

The latest act of targeted terror bombing of one of the oldest church should not be seen in isolation and fortunately now this brazen act of terror bombing of the church has exposed Israeli PM Netanyahu lies that the bombing of Baptish Hospital few days back was not Israel's crime but of some Palestinian militant faction namely Islamic Jihad Group which has bombed Gaza Baptist Hospital.

This brazen lie of Natanyahu which was backed by US President Joe Biden during his visit to Tel Aviv was in total contradiction of initial posts on X (formerly twitter) posted by Hananya Naftali, a close digital aide to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that “Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza,” but the post was almost immediately deleted after Natanyahu placed the accusation on Palestinians resisting militant group.

Under international laws, targeting religious places and hospitals at the times of conflicts is a war crime and Israel's war crimes in Gaza and West Bank are unabated because of the impunity it has got from the international community particularly because of the backing of USA and its allies namely Britain France & Germany. Unfortunately Japan which was target of the only nuclear bombing in the second world war has allinged with the culprit and supporting US agenda by standing with it in opposing  resolutions in UN security council for the immediate de-escalation, ceasefire and stoppage of targeting civilian population in Gaza.

However, targets of both the bombed location were civilians which includes children, women and old innocents who considering them safe places have taken refuge in both premises and on both targeted places, Israel's sole agenda was to create an atmosphere of terror and to force the Palestinians to move to the southern Gaza and ultimately create condition for mass displacement of the Palestinians to Senai desert in neighboring Egypt which not only all factions of the Palestinian leadership including the Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas apart from Hamas but also Jordan's King Abdullah II, Saudi Arabia's defecto ruler and crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and most importantly the combined leadership of Organisation of Islamic Countries' has categorically rejected.

 It's high time to understand and accept that not only the Muslims but all Palestinians, irrespective of their religious affiliations, are targets of Zionist state of Israel including Jews and Christians who were living in harmony for centuries in Palestine before the forced annexation of Palestinian land to establish undoubtedly a Zionist state of Israel in the west Asia.

By Navaid Hamid

 (The writer is secretary of South Asian Council for Minorities and former President of All India Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat)