India Art Facts Summit inaugurated by Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

India Art Facts Summit inaugurated by Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

New Delhi: The five-day India Art Facts Summit organized by 'Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artist' (ODIAA) was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, by lighting the lamp. Actor Manoj Joshi will also be present. The five-day Art Facts Summit starts from today to 5th September 2023, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, with the active cooperation and courtesy of Ministry of Textiles and National Crafts Museum and Handicraft Academy and ODIAA. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on the occasion thatEducation Minister Dharmendra pradhan appreciated and encouraged each and every artists,s artmanship .

Eminent woolibood Hero Manoj Joshi impressed very much seeing rare pieces of artmanship & applauded with whole heart.In a harmonious convergence of artistic creativity and environmental consciousness, the "Art for Climate Action" summit has captivated both hearts and minds. Set against the backdrop of the National Crafts Museum & Hastakala Academy in Pragati Maidan, this groundbreaking event is a testament to the power of sustainable art. As the brushstrokes of innovation intertwine with the urgency of climate action, renowned artists from diverse corners of the nation are currently utilizing their boundless talents to craft a compelling narrative on environmental stewardship.

Through reimagined canvases, recycled sculptures, and upcycled installations, these visionaries will inspire a renaissance of eco-consciousness in the world of art. Their creations, a haunting tableau of our world in peril, reverberate as an eloquent reminder, an unspoken plea for the emergence of a sustainable era.

The summit is being organized by the ‘Organization for Development and Integration of Art and Artist’ (O.D.I.A.A.), an apex body of artists with robust support from the Union Ministry of Textiles and in collaboration with The National Craft Museum & Hastakala Academy. Furthermore, the invaluable support and blessings of Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Honorable Minister of Education and Skill Development, have paved the way to realize this remarkable event.

The esteemed transformative five-day affair, visitors will witness art not merely as an expression, but as an instrument of change – a living testament to the profound impact of sustainable artistry on our planet's future.

This summit is a transformative experience, where art transcends traditional boundaries and becomes a powerful advocate for climate action.

The core of sustainability involves preserving ecological equilibrium and conserving natural resources. Remarkably, in the summit, participating artists embody this principle by embracing sustainable mediums such as ephemeral art, land art, and upcycled art, reflecting a shift towards environmentally friendly creativity.

The Summit is to be graced by Ambassadors of G20 countries, Members of Parliament, and Ministers. Additionally, the event will encompass diverse panel discussions centered around this theme and screenings of movies and documentaries crafted by globally renowned film producers.

Eminent Gotipua dancers, as well as Naga and Durga dancers, are joining from Odisha. Noteworthy young artists participating in the summit include Santosh Kumar (Photographer), Priyanshu Chaurasia (Print Maker), Jitrender Prajapati (Sculptor), Chinmayee Behere (Painter), Gagan Mandal (Painter), Vandana Kumari (Painter), Neetu (Ceramist), Sukanya (Sculptor), Jagriti Kathuria (Painter), Pranati Das (Painter)and Debasis.