Another youth falls prey to Hindu terrorist mob

Mother is saying – "I was blessed with a child after 14 years, after praying a lot." The entire family is in shock after the incident.

Another youth falls prey to Hindu terrorist mob
Another youth lynched by Hindu terrorist mob

India, Jaipur, 1st October, 2023: On Friday, 29th September, 2023 a young promising muslim boy named Mohammad Iqbal was beaten to death by a Hindutva mob in Jaipur. Mohammad Iqbal was a resident of Ramganj Bazaar, Jaipur who was returning with his younger brother Alfeaz from his maternal in-laws' house after having dinner. It was just a matter of the bike colliding but the mob attacked Iqbal so badly with sticks that he died.

Iqbal endured injuries in the accident but the mob started lynching him after inquiring about his name, local media reported.  The video of the incident that surfaced on social media sites maintained that Iqbal was beaten by the mob with iron rods and sticks which resulted in his death on the spot. The mob that assaulted Iqbal included women too.

He was taken to the Sawai Mansingh Hospital for treatment where he was declared dead. Iqbal’s family claimed that he faced death because of his religious identity. Reportedly one person involved in the accident was a Hindu named Rahul.

The mother of deceased Mohammad Iqbal is saying – "My son was coming from his maternal in-laws house after having a feast. My son was coming by car, the mob stopped the car, pulled him and hit him with rods. The mother of the deceased is saying that those who killed her son should be hanged at the same place.

A cheque of 50 lakhs and a letter to offer a job on a contractual basis to Iqbal’s younger brother Mohammad Adnan has been handed over to the family by the state government.

Mother of Iqbal is saying – "I was blessed with a child after 14 years, after praying a lot." The entire family is in shock after the incident. Following the lynching, communal tension sparked between the two communities in the Ramganj-Badi Chaupar area of Jaipur. Muslim shops in the area remained closed in protest. Outraged residents and family members demanded justice for the family.

After the postmortem, Iqbal’s body was handed over to the family and relatives. The family performed the last rites on Saturday evening. Nayeema Parveen, the deceased’s mother told media person, “I was blessed with Iqbal after a lot of prayers and patience, after 14 years of my marriage and they took him away from me.”

An FIR was registered by Jaipur police and police have detained 15 people for their alleged involvement in the murder and charged under sections 143 (unlawful assembly), 148 (rioting), 302 (murder), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), and 341 (wrongful restraint) of the Indian penal code. Commissioner Joseph told media that they were “investigating” and the situation was “normal now”.

A delegation of All India Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen went to meet the family of the deceased on Saturday and supported the demands of the family.

Now the question arises whether Muslims and other minorities are safe in Congress ruled states. If governments do not pay more attention then this is going to be a very serious problem in future. Today there is an atmosphere of fear everywhere. The people of the country who want development, peace and harmony in the country will have to use their votes very thoughtfully in the upcoming elections 2024.

(With inputs from agencies)