Urs of Khawaja Syed Yakoob Ali Shah Maududi held in Ajmer

Urs of Khawaja Syed Yakoob Ali Shah Maududi held in Ajmer

Jaipur, 17 March, 2023: 106  URS of Syed Yaqoob Ali Shah, sajjadanashin of Hazrat khawaja Maududi Chisty was held in Ajmer on 17th  March with great fervor and thousands of his followers participated in this. The ceremonial functions were held under the spiritual guidance and supervision of Syed afzal Ali shah Maududi.  Later on langar was distributed amongst the followers.  Chadar was also presented on his grave by his mureeds and family members.  Hazrat Qutabuddin Moudud Chishti R.A

The dwellers of heaven are slaves at this door, All worshipers are in a state of prostration here; They regard love of the material world as evil. Salutations to you, Khwaja Maudud Chishti, May the garden of my heart be the envy of heaven.

Khwaja Qutab ad-Din Maudud al-Chishti r.a was the last in an unbroken line of five great Persian Sufis to hail from the blessed village of Chisht, which by this time had become renowned as a major center of tasawwuf in the eastern Islamic world. He was the son and spiritual successor of Khwaja Abu Yusuf Chishti r.a. He was thus raised in an environment of holiness and sanctity,and received his internal and externalknowledge from the great master. He was particularly noted for, amongother things, the excellent education he afforded his muridin in the fields of both shariah and tariqah.

Khwaja Qutab ad-Din was a hafiz by the age of seven and upon becoming his father's murid , was told," Oh Maudud, adopt the path of faqr." Thereafter he immersed himself in seclusion and meditation for twenty years. He used to complete the Quran twice daily, and engaged himself in dhikr and contemplation. He also began to perform the continuous fast of the Chishtiya.

Khwaja Abu Yusuf sent him to another great Sufi of the time, Shaykh Ahmad Jami, to complete hisstudies in shariah and tasawwuf. By sixteen, he had completed his advanced Islamic studies and had already written a text book of fiqh (Khulasat ash-Shariah) and a manualof tasawwuf ( Minhaj al-Arifin).

It is reported that the day he was born, he refrained from drinking his mother's milk until iftar. Astonish, hecarried this practice of fasting during the day throughout his entire life.

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