Ms Hena paygham is honoured with the US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Adding one more milestone in her prolific career, Afghan Indian journalist Ms Hena paygham is honoured with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamla Haris.

Ms Hena paygham is honoured with the US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

A respected name in the media, Hena Paygham is awarded Joe Biden's US presidential lifetime achievement award for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service and her philanthropic endeavours.

Hena paygham is the first Afghan Indian journalist to have received this highly coveted honour.

Expressing her gratitude for the honour, Ms paygham said “I never thought I’d win such an incredible award, I was merely doing my bit to make this world a better place. It is a great milestone indeed and I hope my quest to serve society and the world keeps gaining momentum and inspires others to do their bit as well”.

Ms Hena paygham said “ No matter which backward country you are from, when you have the will and the effort to succeed, you will reach the pinnacle of success. Because our lives are made by our thoughts, not by our place of birth and religion. 

Hena paygham Thanks the US government and Dr Larita Rice Barnes the founder of “ My pink stilettos” & Chief Executive Officer & the Founder Of Global Impact Leadership Alliance, for this great honour. Also she added “ today Whatever I'm is, because of India! she said I’m not able to express my love and gratitude for India in words but I’m proud to say I’m an Afghan Indian journalist and I’ll try my best to present the women of India to the world and will try to win more and more awards for my country.