Exploring Trade Opportunities with the Carribean Islands

Exploring Trade Opportunities with the Carribean Islands

Ambassadors, diplomats and guests joined the event at The Chocolate Room

His Excellency Dr Roger Gopaul, Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago articulated the various opportunities in bilateral trade between both India and the Caribbean Islands.

New Delhi: GTTCI in collaboration with The Chocolate Room organised an event for analysing and delving into the numerous commercial possibilities with the Caribbean group of Islands. The event was attended by ambassadors, diplomats, exclusive members of GTTCI and other business professionals who are looking to expand their business overseas especially towards the Global West.

We were fortunate to have His Excellency, Ambassador of Trinidad & Tobago Dr Roger Gopaul, as a distinguished speaker for the event. We were also blessed by the presence of His Excellency, Ambassador of Suriname, along with His Excellency, Ambassador of Afghanistan amidst us. Dr. Gaurav Gupta, founder President GTTCI along with Shri Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, facilitated the excellencies with mementos.

Ambassador Roger in his speech stated the need to talk about the growth and expansion and any business since it is important to talk about differentiation, so when exporters or businesses wants to attend and invest in the Caribbean market, it is most likely that they had indulged into the growth strategy. Hence, they are not really looking at new products, but preferably newer markets.

The guests were filled with ecstasy and enthusiasm as we got an idea from Ambassador Roger on being where these countries are in terms of the export import with India, what Trinidad and Tobago can further offer to accelerate the trade relations. He also gave an overview about what are the various segments of labour, goods and services vacuum in Trinidad and Tobago, Surinam, Guyana, Jamaica, etcetera which can be of great advantage to the Indian enterprises in terms of investment.

Ambassador Roger also remembered how they will have the opportunities that exist in terms of culture and diaspora as our forefathers came on boat not only in India but was also practicing Punjab and Hindu marriages since 1845. He also narrated the religious segments and factions that continues to live with the sands of time, creating a strong socio-economic bond in terms of trade prospect with Indian hegemony.

Kenya’s Diplomat to US, Mr. Patrick Omieno, along with Ambassador of Suriname, Ambassador of Afghanistan also reiterated India’s importance as a trading member and how it can facilitate to create more windows to MSME sectors. The closing remarks to the event was delivered by Major General Dilawar Singh who also aspired to create an air cab services in the coming days.