Chase Aromatherapy attracts huge crowd at Beauty Expo in Pragati Maidan New Delhi

Chase Aromatherapy attracts huge crowd at Beauty Expo in Pragati Maidan New Delhi

Report: Sunit Narula:

Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics showcased their latest collection of natural Aromatherapy Oil based natural Cosmetics and Wellness Products at the recently held Professional Beauty Expo in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Created and formulated by the noted Aromatherapist and naturopath Dr Naresh Arora , Chase Brand Aroma Cosmetics is a Cosmetic Product with a feel of Natural Aroma Treatments where no Chemical Perfume is used in the formulations and the brand is in the market for the last 22 Years.

The Expo was organized after a gap of 3 years due to Covid and attracted huge crowds from all across the country and Chase Stall had huge gatherings who just wanted to meet and solicit the guidance of Dr Naresh Arora and Dr Neei Arora. Live demonstrations on the latest beauty treatment techniques and products for various face and hair Problems like Pimple/Acne, Skin Blemishes Over-pigmentation, Freckles and Spots & Scars, Hair Fall, Baldness, Alopecia and Obesity problems. Dr Arora provided live inputs on these Beauty Disorders and it was well appreciated by the all & sundry.

Thrilled by the response Dr naresh Arora said” I was overwhelmed by the response and even got to meet my students and colleagues from 22 years. It was heartening to note that the Beauty professionals liked our beauty techniques and they have well adopted such natural techniques not only for their Beauty Clinics and parlours but also in their personal Life Styles “ .

“ Regular day care of your Skin & face Twice a day with CTM kit can protect your skin from Hot and humid Conditions , UV light from burning sun, Pollution and Dirt and dust infections and allergies. We have introduced Chase CTM kit for both Oily and Dry Skin Textures and also launched Vitamin C and Collagen based Facial Serum for all season protection of the face and Body”, exclaimed Dr naresh arora , the brain behind Chase brand.

Dr Neeti Arora, the Reiky healer and Naturopath of repute, also felt happy to be back in business “ Our old students have provided us new enthusiasm and zeal to work harder and explore new Beauty Regimen in the Fast changing climate and Life Styles behaviours” , “ Covid has completely transformed our way of life and everybody suffered in one way or other & even our Body and Mental Behaviour has changed , our Skin has started behaving differently and more allergic skin and face is seen today. New Product formulations are being explored and we are happy to be a part of this Change”.