Be happier, healthier and lead more content life, Vastu Wisdom

Be happier, healthier and lead more content life, Vastu Wisdom

Be happier, healthier and lead more content life, Vastu Wisdom, Renowned vastu expert Shri Girender, vastu wisdom

By Sunit Narula:

Rarely in a generation, have we come across people who redefine the meaning of ‘wisdom’; Girender Bharti is one such enigma who has personified the art of being a life-long polymath; over the last 3 decades, Bhartiji has established deep expertise in subjects of deep wisdom.

Early on in life, Bhartiji spent over 12 years with different masters across the world to learn everything about meditation; a career that then began teaching the ancient wisdom of meditation to fellow seekers. From Meditation to Energy Vastu to Astrology to Numerology to Advanced Reiki to Pranic Healing to Theta Healing to Egyptian Cartouche healing to Past Life Regressions; year after year Bharatiji continued to out-grow himself and expand his horizons of mastery.

His passion to teach continued with coaching, training and workshops to enlighten the next generation of leaders in these fields. With a deep sense of purpose and joy today Bhartiji continues to help and heed those in need of his guidance, as he deeply believes in the divine timing and positioning of people in your life.

Through his venture 'Vastu Wisdom', Bharti ji provide solution for rectifying “Sick Building Syndrome” – It is a condition in which people suffer from illness or acquire chronic disorders from the building in which they work or reside. It also provide remedies to rectify chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disorders, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress , concentration problem, ADHD, COPD, chronic allergies, pregnancy problems & many other such conditions.

In his personal transcendence from ‘seeking’ to ‘sharing’, Bhartiji realized his true joy lies in helping people be happier, healthier, and lead more content human lives.