Anti-Caste Laws in America: Thwarting Aryan Hatred Against Jesus As Dalit?

Nietzche thought that the Indian Aryan racial and caste system were the best mechanism for maintaining what he calls “Aryan aristocracy and Candala slavishness”.

Anti-Caste Laws in America: Thwarting Aryan Hatred Against Jesus As Dalit?
Thwarting Aryan Hatred Against Jesus As Dalit

Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd*

Lot of discussion and writing is happening in India about anti-caste laws and rules getting framed in America, the dream land of Dwijas of India. Several Hindutva intellectuals are telling stories about their love for Dalits without telling anything about how their forefathers created this barbaric system, which is now getting globalized and how they want to participate in abolishing it. Their innate deep down Aryan Brahminic hatred to Dalits and Christians needs to be examined to understand whether global anti-caste response is useful for future development of the world or not. They say America is doing it as part of its Hinduphobia, but they hide their deep Christianphobia, as they see it as a Dalit religion. These very same forces loved Nietzche, who worked out a theory for justification of caste and untouchability and has shown that the most dangerous Dalit was Jesus himself, who was supposed to have worked for abolition of caste and untouchability and stood for equality of all humans before God. The Hindutva ideologues remain silent about their Dalit and Christian phobia in India and also in the West-including America.


Friedrich Nietzche (1844—1900) was a German philosopher and thinker. What he wrote about the Aryan supremacy and Jewish Christian Dalitness (what he calls Christian Canadalas) has many things in common with the present Hindutva notion of Hinduism’s (in essence Brahminism) Vishwa Guru idea and the Christian un-Indian untouchable religion. Nietzche has written several books that formulated the idea of Nazi Aryan nationalism and anti-Jewish semitism.

He had great admiration for the Indian Aryan caste hierarchy and was of the opinion that the Aryan power and Dalit slavery were necessary for superior racial civilizational growth.

Quite surprisingly in many of his writings Nietzche said that Jews were inferior people like Candalas (Dalits). Jesus, according to him was Chandala (Dalit) hence rebelled against the aristocracy in a changed environment of Israel.

As one looks at the expansion of Christianity mostly among Indian Dalits and Tribals, not so much among Shudras, Vaisyas, Ksatriyas and Brahmins, one realizes how Nietzche’s Aryan speculative truism operated in Indian context. Christianity in India is seen only as Dalit religion. Nietzche’s formulation of Jewish Christian evolution against the Aristocratic ethic of the European, more particularly of German, Aryan civilizational evolution still holds good in India. The Aryan Brahmin civilization has walked into modernity in the form of Hindutva Brahmanism that spreads hatred against modern Dalits/Adivasis and also Shudras, not just in India but in the whole world.

This is the reason why the Christian West also is realizing that neo-Nietzchism is spreading cateism in America. And America is trying to thwart it by making anti-caste laws. The anti-caste ordinance of Seattle and rules being framed in many American universities tell the story of how the modern globalized Candala (Dalit) can create a new anti-caste Christ in the world.

Nietzche thought that the Indian Aryan racial and caste system were the best mechanism for maintaining what he calls “Aryan aristocracy and Candala slavishness”. A scholarly book written by Dorothy M.Figueira, herself an American scholar, Aryans, Jews and Brahmins, sums up Nietzche’s theory of Indian Aryan Brahmins and Jews about human racial superiority and inferiority. She also tells us how German Aryan racists saw Jews and Christ as Candala–Dalit.

The following is a brief summary of what Nietzche says in the words of Dorothy:

“ In Christianity the individual had become so important that he could no longer be sacrificed. Nothing was more dangerous than all types became equal before God. Christianity as counter-principle to selection, represented the anti-Aryan total subversion of Aryan values and a victory of Candala (modern Dalit) values. With Christianity, the master had been defeated by common men. Their victory entails blood poisoning. As the religion for the poor and downtrodden, the wretched, ill constituted and underprivileged, Jewish Christianity defeated race. Although it passed itself off as a religion of love Christianity represents nothing but the revenge of the Candala (Dalit). It denies enslavement necessary to bring about the emergence of a higher type.

In order for Christianity to function as a Candala (Dalit) religion, it had to have originated among a Candala (Dalit) people. And indeed the Jews were once Candalas (Dalits) under the servitude of Hindus (Aryan Brahmins). It was during this time that their type as an enslaved and despised group took root. As a Candala (Dalit) race the Jews gradually ennobled themselves by taking control of lands and creating gods. They learned from their Indian rulers how to make a priesthood, their masters and how to organize a people. In fact, in the figure of the Jew that Candala (Dalit) hatred first became flesh. In other words, the Jews recognized their Candala (Dalit) status, embraced it, and turned it to their advantage. They incorporated animosity against the aristocratic, noble and proud into their religion.

They institutionalized their hatred against the power and the ruling classes. Their revolt ultimately resulted in the creation of the true Candala (Dalit) religion, Christianity. When the Jewish priestly caste itself became a privileged aristocracy and was overthrown. Christ was the ultimate Candala (Dalit) a figure who rejected the Jewish priests in order to be redeemed” (Aryans, Jews and Brahmins pp 57-58)


The spread of Aryan Brahminsim in the West because of its modern capitalist wealth and science, there is an innate plan to undermine the Christian ethic as it is seen a Dalit ethic in Hindutva ideology. Lot of writing and discussion is taking place within India about the anti-caste laws and rules that are being framed in America and Europe as Hinduphobia but actually there is deep Christianphobia among them as Christianity as religion, exactly on the lines of Nietzche had seen as Dalit religion in India and also the world over by the Indian Dwijas.

The Christphobia is not hidden in India by the Hindutva agencies. But that phobia becomes more pronounced once they see the Christian institutions—Churches, schools or NGOs—in Dlitwadas and Tribal areas working. If these sections learn English they get more enraged. So long as the Christian aristocratic institutions taught English to the Aryan Brahminic children it was tolerated. The movement Dalit/Adivasi/Shudra children learn English, become scholars, thinkers, engineers, doctors they get intoxicated with anger of Aryan Nietzscheism. If they get a good education in English and go to America or Europe they too compete with Dwijas in dollar earning jobs. The Dwijas get mad because they, like Nietzche, think that the Dalits should never compete with them. Nietzche within them comes out for both because they are Dalit and also suspected Christian. Every Dalit in India, more particularly in South India, is suspected to be Christian, even if one is not. Like Nietzche thought Christianity is seen to be the religion of spiritual equalizer.

We can see in elite educational institutions in India, America, Britain, Canada and Australia if the Dalit/Adivasi youth are seen doing well harassing them becomes normal. They are insulted called reservation walas. They are forced to commit suicide as Rohit Vemula and many other young bright students did. As Rohit Vemula said “ The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind. As a glorious thing made up of stardust. In every field, in studies, in streets, in politics, and in dying and living.

Not just in India but wherever Indian Nietzscheism is going—to America, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on, the anti-caste battles will follow. To stop this Nietzscheism not few universities, one Seattle, all Governments of the world including the UN must make laws to annihilate caste and human untouchability.


*Prop. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd is a political theorist, social activist and author. His latest book is The Shudras–Vision For a New Path, co-edited with Karthik Raja Kuruppusamy. He is now working on a book The Shudra Rebellion–History From the Field Memories.