Vision TV World conducts series of panel discussions to outline roadmap of Vision Amrit Kaal Bharat ka 2047

Vision TV World conducts series of panel discussions on education, defence, law, culture, environment, technology, medical, agriculture, politics, tourism and economy to outline roadmap of ‘Vision Amrit Kaal Bharat ka 2047’.

Vision TV World conducts series of panel discussions to outline roadmap of Vision Amrit Kaal Bharat ka 2047
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New Delhi, May 16, 2023: As India is all set to become USD 5 Trillion economy by the turn of the decade, popular news organization Vision TV World today conducted ‘Vision Amrit Kaa Bharat ka 2047’ under which series of dialogues were organised from subject experts from various cross-section of our society, government, policy makers, government bureaucrats/technocrats, civil society, the opinion makers, fintech, stock market, subject experts, foreign countries diplomats, technologists, SDGs, journalists and media professionals on one platform.

The event was inaugurated by Shyam Jaju- Former National Vice President of BJP at the NDMC Convention Centre in New Delhi. 

The event was presented by Mr. Pranab Prakhar - President and Editor in Chief of Vision TV World who also conceptualized the Vision TV World brainstorming sessions under the theme, "Vision AmritKaal Bharat Ka 2O47.  He is a multidimensional media professional and has an illustrious experience of 25 years in television broadcast media as Producer, Director and Journalist. He is alma-mater of Harvard Business School, London Metropolitan University, Birmingham City University and Delhi University.

“The idea of the dialogue series is to being onboard as many diverse experts and diverse topics on one platform for discussion and brainstorming for pathway for brigh future of India, so that “VISION AMRITKAAL BHARAT KA”, Vision and Mission of new India at the cross-section of ‘Developed World India’ as centurion India pathway shapes up. The broad sessions were on :government, politics, economy, defence, agriculture, water, law, medical, fintech, stock market, culture, social welfare, technology for ease of living, technology for leap frog, next generation technology, culture, governance success stories, potential challenges & Goals, politics & robustness of Indian democracy, soft powers of India, India as manufacturing hub of the world, India as intellectual brain of the world in science, technology, medical, fintech, environment, Agriculture, art & culture, adhyatm-sanatan vision among others,” said Mr. Pranab Prakhar, President and Editor in Chief, Vision TV World.  

The panel discussions sessions were on ‘State of 5 Trillion economy ‘Business of law and legality now coming in India. International law firms get welcome note to practice in India’ and Environment. Four panelists attended the first panel discussion session. Aviation Green Fuel and India Dr Anjan Ray- Immediate past Director of Indian Institute of Petroleum, IIP, Dheradun. This was followed by another sessions on "Bharat Mata ki Jai: Defending India”, Sports, Medical Health of India, law, stock market, environment. Cdr Ashok Bijalwan (Retd.).

Air Vice Marshal OP Tiwari, Major General Rajan Kochhar shared their opinion on India’s defense strategy in the upcoming years. Next discussion was on New Education Policy 2020. One of the penalized was Associate Professor and Dr Captain Pushpalata Kumari who spoke extensively on girl Education and gave a vision of body, mind and soul connection in education and learning. BP Sharma- Head of Orthopedic Division VMMC, Safdajung Hospital spoke on government hospitals service to the nation.

Dr Shailendra Bhadoria spoke on symptoms, cause, and precautions needed to combat, 'Sudden-Deaths' happening where young and old die even before help arise. Dr Rajneesh from MCD Delhi hospital shed light on first responder role that Delhi Municipality commendable played during covid pandemic and their proactive role provided relief to millions of people in their area of operations. Discussions were on Indian healthcare industry post-Covid and whole gamut of health planning, funding and taking health to remotest parts of India. Indian Medical Association,

IMA, President  Dr Sharad  Agarwal said his association is effectively working towards providing health services to remote corners of India especially the villages. In sports discussion Physical Education umbrella organization PEFI Chief Piyush Jain discussed the sports strategies and the crucial role played by the sports in binding the nation. Agricultural output to catch up to the needs of ever-growing population by 2047, this was discussed by Academics and Policymaker in Govt of India Anil Pratap Singh Bhadauria. Brinda Khanna - Secretary, Sant Ishwar Foundation spoke about girl child all-round development and work done by her charity.

Amarjit Singh- Member Law Commission, Senior Advocates Kumar Mukesh, Advocate Alok Kumar - Founder, Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti and National President Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Professor and Dr Jaswinder Singh - Principal, Khalsa College, Delhi University, spoke about India's ambitious goal of $5Trillion economy and Dr Ramesh Chandra Gaur - Director NSD, and Dean IGNCA spoke about linking India's rich knowledge treasures of past and contemporise it for India to grow in future. Wing Commander Praful Bakshi, Vineet Nahata- Member Chartered Institute of Management Accountant UK and Director Power Gilt Treasuries Inc. Students and Academics from I.I.M.T College of Management Greater Noida, (U. P.) attended the Conclave. 

Valedictory address was by Member of Parliament Ramesh Bidhuri who highlighted achievements of Modi government. Vision TV World is available on


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