Israel's Gaza Massacre: Are We Witnessing the DEMONIC?

In "Truths about Evil, Sin, & the Demonic" (Byron Belitsos, 2023) we are warned by theologian David Ray Griffin that the demonic may be a real power which is driving the world in a direction "diametrically opposed to divine purposes."

Israel's Gaza Massacre: Are We Witnessing the DEMONIC?
Are We Witnessing the DEMONIC

Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Are we witnessing the unleashing of unimaginable evil as Israel attempts to completely eliminate Hamas by violently making Gaza unlivable?  Trapped Palestinian civilians plea for outside intervention, but the U.S. and European governments look the other way proclaiming full "support" for Israel no matter what. 

About 40% of the 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are children.  Death and destruction are everywhere.  Has Israel's rage and grief over the Hamas attack on civilians opened the door to revenge and to the DEMONIC?  President Biden announces he is going to Israel.  Will meeting with Israel's Zionist leadership cause him to change his mind and to break the (evil) spell?

The irrational lust for the death and destruction of all things Gazan perhaps can be understood as the unconscious influence of an almost supernatural (demonic) force wherein good people accept and call for unimaginable evil telling themselves it is necessary and justified.

In "Truths about Evil, Sin, & the Demonic" (Byron Belitsos, 2023) we are warned by theologian David Ray Griffin that the demonic may be a real power which is driving the world in a direction "diametrically opposed to divine purposes."

It may seem strange to say that severe global crises may be due to the influence of  "demonic power."   Despite being a highly educated, smart people, Griffin argues that we may be possessed by a "demonic power that is leading us, trancelike, into self-destruction."  What surprises me is Griffin's statement that we can experience the demonic both when hate leads to destructive actions, but also when "indifference" leads to a failure to take action against evil.    

The seemingly senseless, immoral, violent catastrophes we are experiencing in Gaza/Palestine/Israel and Ukraine could erupt to WWIII dimensions, or to a nuclear war.  Meanwhile, poverty, migrant misery, homelessness haunt even rich nations like the U.S. and Europe.  Climate change adds another global threat. 

Israel has announced its intention to bury Gaza to eliminate Hamas which it says is a "terrorist" organization.  Yet for Palestinians Hamas militants may be seen as freedom fighters. 

It occurs to me that the devil (Satan), if it exists, is the great trickster.  Israel thinks it is morally justified to use collective punishment. How else can we understand Israel's stated intention to destroy all things Gaza in order to destroy Hamas ("terrorists") when Gaza has 2 million innocent civilians trapped in what is described as an "open air prison"?

Beware Israel:  The Bible (2 Corinthians 11: 14-15) warns us of Satan as the great deceiver:  "And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. "

Israel's spokespersons, with a wink and a nod, will claim they are doing their best to avoid killing civilians, while explaining  that they must completely wipe out Gaza to wipe out Hamas.  Hamas will argue that they had no choice but to attack Israel's civilians who are complicit in years of Israeli oppression, apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people.

Ironically, both Israel and the U.S. government have a lengthy documented history of extreme terrorism:  Israel's ongoing forceful stealing of Palestinian lands and homes.  The U.S. "shock & awe" military invasion of Iraq.  Covert operations by the CIA and/or Mossad (e.g., 9/11 false flag operation, overthrowing legally elected governments, assassinations, and illegal economic warfare a form of indirect murder).    

Later, after the widespread excitement of death and destruction (the demonic in action) has worn off, the gravity and sin of collective punishment (mass murder) will penetrate the mind and hearts of even some of the most ardent supporters of war, and then there will be demands for Nuremberg-like trials or the International Criminal Court to bring to justice the political and military leadership of both Israel and Hamas.

The wars in Israel and Ukraine could not be prevented (or stopped) by the United Nations.

Why?  The UN Charter is wrong. The UN is frustrated, unable to carry out its most important task, ending war and eliminating nuclear weapons.  World federalists have an intriguing solution:

The UN General Assembly can launch Charter Review under Article 109(c) and use the Earth Constitution as its guide, model and authority to transform to a "new UN" forming a democratic world federation (world union) with a governing design with the capacity to end war itself.   

R. Kotila, Ph.D.

Psychologist (ret.)

World Public Interest Journalism

Earth Constitution advocate