Spurt in Communal Conflicts and the Vision of India 2030

Spurt in Communal Conflicts and the Vision of India 2030

IMPAR has today written to the Hon’ble Prime Minister about the disturbed communal situation in the country, expressing its deep concerns, and seeking time for a 10 member delegation to meet and apprise the PM of the community concerns. IMPAR applauds the PM for his visionary leadership in rapidly growing economy, and also expanding its diplomatic influence with well-crafted stand on key global issues.

The country of 140 crore population is rapidly marching to the place in the comity of nations that it deserves. The people of Indian origin are also making deep mark worldwide through their contributions in the field of science, technology, finance and businesses. As a result, the change in perception about India and Indians is quite visible, and citizens of large number of countries look up to us with awe and hope, said IMPAR president, Dr. MJ Khan.

Back home, our institutions, the industry and even startups, backed by policies and conducive work culture and business environment, are delivering like never before. Under the PM’s Vision for India of Tomorrow, through the agenda of development and governance, and global cooperation, it has given new confidence and everyone seems onboard to deliver, asserts the IMPAR letter. It draws the attention of the prime minister to the recent developments, rather sudden spurt in incidents of conflicts in different states, which are quite disturbing. Highly provocative slogans with naked display of arms during religious processions, and in some places followed by clashes, and biased state actions against one community, is creating condition for potentially bigger danger, said Dr. MJ Khan, President, IMPAR.

Such developments are tarnishing the image of India worldwide. Today’s time the information flows free, rather with exaggeration, is building wrong impression, as if whole of India is disturbed, IMPAR pointed out. This may affect our strategic interests and disturb investment climate and global cooperation adversely. Who are these elements, who are working against the interest of the nation and disrupting the agenda of development and governance, asked IMPAR? Peace and justice in the society is prerequisite to development. IMPAR stands with the Government and the nation in promoting understanding for peace and prosperity in the society, said Dr. Khan, while demanding strict action against the religious bigots and fanaticmiscreants, who are out to give bad name to the pious festival.

Bureau chief Lucknow