AMP's  two-day North India NGO Conference begins in Lucknow 

AMP's  two-day North India NGO Conference begins in Lucknow 

The two-day North India NGO Conference of  the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)  began in Lucknow on  March 4. Government representatives, scholars, policy makers, academicians, intellectuals and civil society activists  attended.  The programme  started with Maulana Sufiyan Nizami's  Tilawat Kalam Pak.   

Presiding over  the event, Islamic Centre of India, Chairman, Maulana Khalid Rashid Farangimahali said that he has received many non-government officials from  North India working at the grassroots level.  It is a great pleasure to welcome the  representatives of the institutions in Lucknow.  He    expressed hope  that all the  participants will  share their experiences and  interact  with each other to plan for the future, which will definitely  help the community  to overcome poverty and deprivation. 

Maulana Safi Haider, Secretary Tanzeemul - Makatib Lucknow, who was the  special guest of the program, said in his address that  this effort by the Association of Muslim Professionals is  very commendable and the society  can be uplifted  only by bringing Non-governmental institutions (NGOs) on one platform.  He   gave  detailed information about Tanzeemul Makatib in  this regard and  said that the  institution, which was established in 1968, is  steadily progressing. 

Aamir Edresy, President - AMP, in his address said that through  this conference, AMP has focused  on 200 minority-majority districts of the  country.  We plan  to   harness the power of  individual NGOs to  the next level.  A large section of the  community is  marginalised and needs to be brought at par with  other communities. To  further this mission, AMP will organize  regional conferences  at other places, where social leaders and  NGOs  from respective regions will also be connected with.  Together, they will make their collective contribution in improving the  educational and social condition of the community. 

AMP NGO Connect Head Farooq Siddiqui, while highlighting the features and benefits of NGO Connect, said that  through  this conference, we will partner and collaborate with minority institutions from all over the  country for the  development of the community and the nation.    Intended to  bring social  organizations (NGOs)  on one platform, he  further said the North India NGO Summit is the  first step  in this direction, which will lead to cooperation and partnership to  bring about much-needed change  for the community. 

Former IPS officer U Nissar Ahmed,  while giving his presentation titled Poverty Alleviation through Government Schemes,  said that to get the benefits of  government schemes, it is very important to create awareness in the  society.    All NGOs will   have to    come forward to attract  the underprivileged   sections towards government  schemes by giving wide publicity  to them  . 

The  meeting   was moderated by AMP  Central Zone Head Syed  Shoaib. AMP-USA   President  Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari presented the vote of  thanks. 

On this occasion, Anees Ansari former IAS, Dr Zafar Mahmood former IRS, Wazir Ansari former IPS, Khwaja Shahid former  Vice-Chancellor Maulana Azad Urdu University Hyderabad, Syed  Former Judge Mohammad Haseeb, Atiq Ahmed Siddiqui, Tariq Azam Malaysia, Aftab Ahmed Khan Former IG,  CRPF, In Mohammad Gufran, Shaukat Mufti Delhi, Alamin Ali former Secretary UP  Minorities Commission, Nazmul Hasan Rizvi Najmi, Kaleem Khan, Abrar Ahmed Kanpur, Faisal Siddiqui, Abdul Razak Shaikh, Soheb Selia from Mumbai, were also present.

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