The79th Peace Victory Day, “SO  THAT WILL BE NO WAR!” GGHA Message. – It is our firework to it.

The79th Peace Victory Day, “SO  THAT WILL BE NO WAR!” GGHA Message. – It is our firework to it.
The79th Peace Victory Day of Russia

In order to live on, we must scientifically, truly understand the deep, peaceful meaning of this historical Victory of humanity in order to forever prevent and eradicate from our life its mortal Nazi enemy and establish, instead of temporary truces between wars, the HUMANITY TRUE, PERPETUAL PEACE, proclaimed by Immanuel Kant, intuitively recognized by all healthy people and nations.

The USSR and anti-Hitler coalition peoples fought in the WWII with the dream “SO THAT THERE WOULD BE NO WAR!” Victory in it on May 9, 1945 became the happiness of Peace Victory, life over death, war. I, like all Russians of the older generation, have remembered this peoples’ catchphrase for the rest of my life, which exhausts the Victory entire peacemaking, life-affirming meaning. The country “didn’t stand up for the price.” By the sacrificial death of almost 30 million of its selfless heroes, it, like Jesus Christ, “trampled down death by death,” rejected the people death and secured for itself and the whole world liberation from genocidal Nazism, from professional Nazi murderers, ALWAYS threatening peace and life. Only their destruction through complete scientific denazification will save PEACE AND LIFE on Earth.

Therefore, as long as Nazism/fascism is alive, there will be no PEACE on Earth and at Russia! Nazism/fascism/terrorism is incompatible with peace and society life! Therefore, today it is the priority duty of all conscious citizens of peace to arm themselves with two laws and tools in protecting their lives, the Fatherland and HUMANITY life from genocidal Nazism:

  1. The Gospel law - “THOSE WHO TAKE SWORD BY SWORD WILL DIE” and Mahatma Gandhi nonviolence law - “KILL THE KILLER, FASCIST, TERRORIST!” This natural law of self- defense and the life instinct of self-preservation is the necessary and priority part of the peace culture today. A new attempt to exterminate it under the racist, genocidal flag of “Russophobia” was made by the “lost” West “liberal” Nazism, which betrayed the Faith and Science truth.
  2. Peace Science (PS) as the fundamental and verified cognitive scalpel for the Nazism global demilitarization and its denazification in order to eradicate the carcinogenic Nazi ideology. Next year it will celebrate, under the applause of “false-liberal” collective West the 100th anniversary of its foundation - Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, published in 1925. It will use it as a battering ram to discredit, ridicule and abuse the Victory 80th anniversary, celebrating the triumph of its global rebirth after 80 years based on this satanic killer instinct book. Today, the West monstrously zombied “oracles of Light”, having lost all conscience, honor and truth, are ready to recognize the genocidal “legacy of Hitler as greater than Gandhi.” Satan became better than Jesus for them. This is extreme moral failure and dehumanization. There is nothing more to say here:

To the bitterest regret of the peace citizens and the victims millions tens sadness of Nazism, Russia, as the main victim and key victor of Nazism 80 years ago, has not yet mastered the extremely necessary, scientific scalpel of its cognitive eradication and liberation from it by the fundamental and irresistible, massive and true denazification. Only the peace science as an active spiritual culture of peace, based on the religious and moral faith of perpetual peace, is capable to resist the revived Nazi ideology in a liberal-false package, eradicating it mentally and freeing humanity from its militaristic pathology, which threatens it today with 99% total nuclear genocide.

While we live, we are all, without exception, are CITIZENS OF PEACE! Because peace is the only way of being in our human life. We don't have anything else. God didn't give us anything else. Nature does not know or offer anything else. But peace is forced to defend its life from violent death, from the Nazi genocidal war only with the righteous and holy war that affirms the truth of peace/life. Only the deep lie of militant atheism, godless liberal permissiveness, fake and degenerate “freedom without borders”, the Freudian instinct of Hitler’s animal killer and his racist pseudo-superiority as a barbaric stupid beast generate the Nazi genocidal war. It is eradicated, denazified by homo sapiens only by the great TRUTH of the infinite and perpetual DIVINE PEACE, comprehended together by Faith and the Peace Science. It intelligently and convincingly reveals the genetic, spheral, deeply hidden structure and harmonious fractal architecture of the planetary PEACE, created by God.

The potential of Faith and Peace Science allows us to predict the beginning of ours, Russia and humanity, the Victory of Peace over the Nazi genocidal war of Ukraine/West at this 2024 year-end, significant in the Pythagorean digital numerology of the tetrads from the Lord!

The GGHA congratulates all citizens of peace and especially Russia on the great past and new, upcoming Victory of Peace, “So that there is no war!” Always!

So that the 80th Victory Day over German Nazism in 2025 becomes the beginning of the Victory of planetary scientific denazification with peaceful, safe AI over global genocidal Nazism forever!

The GGHA called for it two years ago in the peacemaking project “Antifascist Gandhian Front” (, and recently in our scientific (              and        Easter ( Messages.

Therefore, we hope that we will be heard with our GGHA Peace Science for the fourth time, in the Victory Message...

With the Victory of Peace and planetary scientific denazification, necessary and acceptable to all citizens of the Earth!

Dr. Leo Semashko, on behalf of the PS 750 coauthors during the GGHA 19 years, Philosopher, sociologist and peacemaker from the Gandhian spherons harmony, GGHA Founder (2005) and Honorary President, antifascist, Russia, St Petersburg, Web: