Spirituality Brings Magnanimity in Life!

Spirituality Brings Magnanimity in Life!
Spirituality Brings Magnanimity in Life

New Delhi, April 08, 2014 (ismatimes) : Health is unpredictable! You can’t buy it at any price. But you can achieve it if you could take care of your body which is possible only if you understand its needs, the right nutrition & proper exercises.

Body Basics :

In Engineering terms, the human body is perhaps the most sublimely designed machine form and functionality merge seamlessly to produce the complex and complicated system known as the body. A whole range of systems are interlocked into place skeleton muscular, nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, endocrinal, digestive and the reproductive. They all function in co-ordination so precisely as to put any most complex machine to shame!.

You are what you eat :

Food is the fuel of life. It’s the primary and in real terms the only source of all that our body requires to function; vitamins, minerals, nutrition and energy. A healthy balanced diet is vital for a healthy body. But modern lifestyles have brought a sea change in what we eat and the way we eat ! A change in food patterns and a mismatch between the food pattern and the lifestyle being lived is the biggest culprit in the deterioration of your health. The urban world is a sedentary space. We no longer have the time or the space to burn our calories.

The solution is a simple one :

Watch what you eat. Understand the value and nutrients integral to each food source – lentils in the form of sprouts are near miraculous stores of energy. Opt for whole grains to refined ones. Use cooking oils that’re naturally fat and cholesterol-free such as olive oil. Known that the food that you eat could even affect your emotional mood and intelligence level. An awareness of the pranic qualities of food may be useful in health and spiritual terms. And finally, sitting down for a healthy family meal may not only keep you off the junk food but also create a special family bond. And remember the basic equation what you eat should not be more than what you burn as body fuel.

Fighting Fit :

Along with our lifestyles our options for remaining fit have also changed. Some are our everyday basic variety. Where possible, opt for the stairs rather the elevators. If it’s short distance and there’s a proper walking path, use two feet instead of four wheels! Your health and the environment both will benefit. In body terms research has shown that even as little as 30 minutes of daily proper exercises in the vicinity of greenery under the sky will have a positive impact on your health. As an added bonus, exercise releases endorphins or feel good hormones into your blood stream. So you tend to feel happier and more positive if you exercise regularly. That means a lessening of stress, you are lowering your chance of stress and minimizing your lifestyle related diseases. Pick the right exercise & ‘pranayam’ that work for you! You may go for Brisk Walk amdist trees, plants & greenery. A regular 30 minute Brisk Walking not only keeps your heart & brain healthy yet diabetes & obesity too are contained.

It has also been revealed in a study on 290 patients at AIIMS, New Delhi that men’s alcohol & women’s high BP are responsible for the stroke. 30% more women are prone to anger then men! Anger is the root cause for women suffering from high BP & stroke! You may opt for ancient technique such as Yoga. Avoid A.C. corridors for exercises. Breath-in deep fresh air, breath-out removing all the toxins of your body. It rejuvenates your body & mind, charges you, energises your cells & retards aging!

Laughter the Best Medicine :

Laughter is an internal jogging of your vital organs. It’s considered unfailing remedy for hyper-tension, manic depressive psychosis, headache, B.P. sleep disorder, heart diseases and cancer. A vigorous healthy laughter reduces cholesterol, increased immunity secretions of insulin is optimum. A hearty laugh improves memory, efficiency escalates and the secretions of endorpohin is at the highest level.

The laughing exercise makes a person joyful apart from rejuvenating the whole body, improves drastically the digestive system & strengthens the lungs and the heart. It’s a powerful antidote to stress pain. Laughter chases the toxins out of your body system, necessary to make you feel greatly refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally!

Everyone likes a cheerful person! He’s like the bright sunshine for others. John Masefied has correctly said : “Laugh and be merry!”

Meditation & Spirituality :

Meditation is nothing but it introduces you to yourself. Be an enlightened soul & view life as Lord Krishna is singing through you. Follow the doctrines of Srimad Bhagwad Gita.

Be spiritual, spirituality brings magnanimity in life.

by Prof. Sudesh Gogia