Lions Club Delhi Veg Celebrates 10th Charter Night

Lions Club Delhi Veg Celebrates 10th Charter Night
Lions Club Delhi Veg Celebrates 10th Charter Night

Lions Club Delhi Veg marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 10th Charter Night on Saturday, June 10th. The momentous event took place at the Executive Club Satbari Chatterpur Farm in New Delhi.

The occasion commenced with a warm welcome from Lion Gaurav Gupta, the Charter President of Lions Club Delhi Veg, who greeted all the esteemed members and guests in attendance. Following the welcome, the members enjoyed a delightful picnic at the Executive Club.

The meeting was inaugurated by PID Lion K M Goyal, and the Guest of Honour was Vice District Governor Lion N K Gupta. The event also hosted distinguished guests, including Sh Vikram Sehgal, IG of Rajasthan, Dr. Wale Awadh, a senior Syrian journalist, Acharya Satyendra Narayan, and Mahendra Goel.

President Lion Pawan Kansal, accompanied by Past Presidents Lion Navratan Aggarwal and Lion Vinod Verma, offered a Patka to each guest as a token of appreciation and extended a warm welcome to all. During his welcome address, Lion Pawan Kansal highlighted the Club's noteworthy service projects, including the construction of school stages and toilets in Haryana village schools.

Club Secretary Lion Sanjay Aggarwal presented the annual report, providing a comprehensive overview of the Club's activities and achievements to all the members and guests.

The event concluded with a ceremonial cake cutting, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the attendees. The evening was further enhanced by a captivating rain dance performance, followed by a delightful dinner. The event proved to be a joyful experience for all the attendees and their families. In the evening, a Hi-tea was served near the swimming pool, offering a refreshing break for everyone to enjoy swimming and a pool party.

The following morning, all Lions engaged in a rejuvenating session of yoga and meditation, promoting well-being and mindfulness. As a gesture of appreciation, gifts were presented to all attendees, including contributions from Bikanervala, Sri and Sam, Indica Makeovers, and Bamboo Toothbrush.

Lions Club Delhi Veg expressed its gratitude to all the members, guests, sponsors, and individuals who contributed to the success of the 10th Charter Night celebration. The Club looks forward to continuing its commitment to service and fostering a strong sense of community in the coming years.