La Global Foundation Launched Mission 100k Global Leadership Awards 2023 Edition 3

LA Global Foundation Recognises The Importance of Sustained Economic Growth SDG8 Launch 3rd Edition Mission 100k Global Leadership Summit Awards 2023

La Global Foundation Launched Mission 100k Global Leadership Awards 2023 Edition 3
Global Leadership Awards 2023 Edition 3

Global Leadership Summit 2023 on Social Impact Theme SDG 8

LA Global Foundation, considering its responsibility towards society as a priority, is committed to taking each of its campaigns to new heights and achieving positive results Non profit organisation is working towards the holistic development of the people across Health, Education, Water, Sanitation & Economic Development by creating a scalable, replicable & community- centric model of sustainable development, in accordance with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable development goals. At La Global Foundation, we believe that the partnership with corporates, young urban India, the Government and other foundations is the key to create a permanent and irreversible change for good. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr . Meenakshi Sawhney, founder, La global foundation aspires to impact 1million lived by SDG 2030”Leaving no one behind.

Considering Mission 100k as its main goal, LA Global Foundation started its program on a strong note. The program was started by worshiping God and lighting the lamp, which filled the program with positive feelings. Guests are considered to be the form of God, in accordance with this thinking, Dr. Meenakshi Sahni and Mrs. Sudesh Chaddha, founder and chairperson of LA Global Foundation, welcomed all the guests present in the program with respect by giving them a Tulsi plant full of miraculous properties.

The event, which featured a galaxy of celebrities from different walks of life, concluded in all its grandeur, touching new dimensions.

New Delhi, 20 November 2023: LA Global Foundation, working under the guidelines set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on women empowerment, health, education, culture, successfully organized . The dignified presence of dignitaries from various fields added to the event.

 The session was organized with the aim of spreading awareness about decent work and economic growth for all. In this program, Honoured humanitarian and peace ,Global Enterprise Icon, Global Entrepreneur Brand, Global Icon Award, Philanthropy Award, Ambassador Healthcare Award, Media Award Ambassador Speaker, Leadership awards provided to National and International Researcher /Phd honours of various countries in support of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS felicitation ceremony held with launch of season 3 Sovereign Powerhouse success stories Global Magazine 2023 .Volunteer Support Leaders etc. were given various types of awards in different categories to effectively appreciate the efforts of all the participants towards their goal.


 Dr. Madhav Murari Das ji Senior Devotee of ISKCON from NORTH RUSSIA participated as the chief guest in the event and appreciated the efforts of LA Global Foundation in promoting an inclusive environment. Appreciated the efforts of LA Global Foundation for fostering an environment where women are inspired to focus more on their emotional, mental and physical well-being while further strengthening the foundation.

Mr Ravi Kaushal ji, (Chief Manager, SBI, Consultancy Services Cell) taken the awareness session on the welfare schemes (Government of India,) and shared Bank linkages, credit facilities availability for all startups/ existing businesses/SME/MSME/ in various diverse sectors.

Mrs. Sudesh Chadha, Mr Manuj Sawhney Director La global edu international, Vansh and Ansh Advocacy ambassador was also present in this program . Other luminaries who participated in the event included Mr Ravi Kaushal, Dr. Rajan Sudesh Ratna, Dr. Gagnesh Sharma, Ms. Sheetal Agarwal Founder and Director, Clown Sellers Foundation, Mrs Richa Singh Chandel, Ambassador Global Entrepreneur LA Global Foundation, Ms Deepti as ambassador speaker, volunteer support Ms Meenu, Ms Kajal ,Mrs. Neelam, CSR Program Head, Dr. Rekha Singh, Founder and Ambassador of National Environment and Rural Development - Climate Action Ms. Rucchii Kanwar, Director Craaftysouls Ambassador-Global Enterprise Icon Mrs. Smita Mittal (Relationship Coach) , Ibrahim Shuaib Leadership awards Hauwa Mohammed Yat Bala Thomas Umar Mustapha Nur Adam Imam Ransom Leadership Awards category nominated and awarded for their incredible contribution in the field of Research and development of sustainable goals.

For any organization, the journey to achieve its predetermined goal is full of many challenges and ups and downs, but with proper vision and guidance, the journey of achieving the goal becomes simple and filled with thrill, Annual Program of La Global Foundation. An enthusiastic description of the project and achievements was given by Dr. Meenakshi Sawhney, Founder and Chairperson of the Foundation and the Annual Progress Report of LA Global Foundation,

Overwhelmed with a deep sense of appreciation, Dr. Meenakshi Sawhney Founder and Chairperson of LA Global Foundation, greeted with golden words all the guests who shared their knowledge in the discussion process. At the same time, keeping in mind her clear goal of social welfare and awareness, she did not forget to inspire everyone to make their continuous efforts to contribute by urging them to help the society.