Dr. H.B.S. Lamba's Autobiography 'Forever Son Shine' Launch Enthralls Distinguished Audience

Dr. H.B.S. Lamba, the Managing Director of New Wembley Products LLP, unveiled his autobiography titled 'Forever Son Shine'.

Dr. H.B.S. Lamba's Autobiography 'Forever Son Shine' Launch Enthralls Distinguished Audience
Autobiography of Dr HBS Lamba

The Constitution Club of India bore witness to a remarkable event on the evening of August 26, 2023, as Dr. H.B.S. Lamba, the Managing Director of New Wembley Products LLP, unveiled his autobiography titled 'Forever Son Shine'. The event was graced by eminent personalities from diverse industries and was an embodiment of celebration, inspiration, and shared accomplishments.

In the presence of esteemed attendees, including His Excellency Mr. Kuong Koy from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia, the book launch unfolded as a captivating portrayal of Dr. Lamba's extraordinary voyage through life's trials, celebrated victories, and the resolute spirit that paved his path to an enduring legacy.

His Excellency Mr. Kuong Koy praised Dr. Lamba's remarkable journey, acknowledging his conquest of numerous obstacles. His Excellency drew parallels with his own journey, citing inspiration from Dr. Lamba's ability to transform adversity into a thriving success story.

Distinguished Indian Poet Padma Shri Surender Sharma applauded Dr.Lamba's resolute determination and exceptional management skills. He praised Dr. Lamba's commitment towards innovation as the driving force behind his accomplishments. The comedian hailed the book launch as a testament to Dr. Lamba's extraordinary journey.

Prominent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Vijay Jolly emphasized the honor of Mr. Kuong Koy's presence. Mr. Jolly conveyed Cambodia's blessings to Dr. Lamba, lauding his visionary leadership. He revealed an exciting development - an invitation from Mr. Koy for Dr. Lamba to visit Cambodia, a testament to his global impact.

Veteran actor Rakesh Bedi expressed gratitude for being part of this momentous event. Bedi unveiled Lamba's lesser-known achievement, the invention of the widely-used 'Quickfix'. Bedi credited Mrs. Mohinder Kaur Lamba, Dr. Lamba's wife, as his steadfast support.

Recent blockbuster Gadar 2 actor Rohit Choudhary said 'I am out of words today looking at Dr. Lamba's journey and I will always stand by Dr. Lamba in his journey to keep inspiring the masses'

Mrs. Sweney Pal Kaur Gulati, Dr. Lamba's elder daughter, apllauded Dr. Lamba's dedication to elevating Wembley into a recognized brand. She recounted his journey from grassroots work to a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. His commitment has earned him accolades nationally and internationally, branding him the 'Bhishma Pitamah' of the paint industry.

Mrs. Tarvinder Kaur Sethi, Dr. Lamba's younger daughter, echoed the sentiment of privilege, underscoring that the autobiography mirrors the values guiding Lamba's life. Like many othe appreciators of Dr. Lamba's life, she spoke of his unwavering dedication and values.

Guneet Kaur, Dr. Lamba's granddaughter, praised his legacy of unwavering dedication, selflessness, and positive attitude. She emphasized his caring nature and putting others before himself.

Kunwar Raj Singh Sethi, Dr. Lamba's grandson, expressed his gratitude for being part of a family where dedication to studies and work is valued. He highlighted Dr. Lamba as his biggest inspiration and sought his advice in uncertain situations.

Jasmehaar Kaur Sethi, another granddaughter, commended Dr. Lamba's charismatic and energetic personality. She noted his ability to make everyone feel heard, seen, and respected, regardless of their stature. She pledged to carry forward the Lamba legacy as she builds her own family and career.

The event was a celebration of unwavering commitment, attended by notable figures including His Excellency Mr. Kuong Koy (Ambassador, Royal Embassy of Cambodia), Padma Shri Surender Sharma, Vijay Jolly, Rakesh Bedi, Amita Nangia, Rohit Choudhary, Mamta Singh, Ashok Gupta, Harpreet Singh Gulati & Prabhjot Singh Sethi.

Dr. H.B.S. Lamba's autobiography 'Forever Son Shine' mirrors his journey and commitment to converting challenges into opportunities, and the event echoed perseverance, innovation, and determination, encapsulating Lamba's life and work. As the event concluded, attendees carried  profound admiration for Lamba's achievements and a renewed determination to surmount any of life's barriers.