Grand opening of 12th International Sufi Rang Festival 2019. In Ajmer.Dargah

Chishty Foundation presented the annual 12th International Sufi Rang Festival 2019 Sufi art works organized in Dargah Ajmer Sharif – Mehfil E SemaKhana featuring Sufi calligraphers artist from India and abroad. In the Dargah Khwaja Saheb Ajmer Sharif with presence of Anjuman Syedzadagan and Dargah Committee officials , the program started with the Quran recitation on November 03 at 11 am in the Mahfil Khana inside the Dargah Ajmer Sharif.
This festival will run till 08 .November 2019 Festival inaugral session was attended by Dargah Committee President Amin Pathan, Director APRI – Tonk Saulat Ali Khan, Dargah Nazim Shakeel Ahmad, Assist Nazim Dr. Adil, Anjuman Syedzadagan Secretary Syed Wahid Hussain Chishty, Syed Tofiq Chishty – Vice President Anjuman, Syed Akhtar Chishty – former secretary, Syed Alle Badar Chishty,
Syed Mubassir, Syed Ashiq Ali, along with other notable dignitaries were present.

On November 08 – Quran Sharif will be celebrated among the children of Khuddam-e-Khwaja Sahab families aged 6 to 16 years, and the 2019 Chishty Shield of excellence will be awarded to the winners, who took first place with medals and trophies. All participating children will be given certificates.

The exhibition will feature live calligraphy and paintings workshops by artists from many countries of the world.

12th International Sufi Rang Festival 2019 is organized in collaboration with Dargah Committee – Ajmer Sharif.

List of participating artists who will participate to promote the teaching of Nawaz (Ra). Calligraphy artist and painter:

Aksa Khan – Ajmer Sharif, Sana Khan – Ajmer Sharif, Syeda Noor Chishti – Ajmer Sharif, Akash Suryavanshi – Ajmer Sharif.

Mohammad Rafiuddin – Hyderabad, Penman Abdul Ghaffar – Hyderabad, Abdul Qadir – KB Art – Rajkot – Gujrat, Shaheena Gandhi – Vadodara Gujarat, Qamar Dagar – Delhi, National Award Winner Ananya Siddiqui – Delhi, Kew Afrai – Tehran – Iran, Osmanji Khatri – Bharuch – Gujarat, Haji Noor Din – China, Saadat Ozbudak – Istanbul – Turkey, Saulat Ali Khan – Tonk, Dr. Rashid-Tonk, Professor Rashid – Tonk

Sufi Music: Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar – Delhi, Shabbir Barkati – Gujarat, Mamud Raza Qadri – Goa, Dhruv Sangri (Bilal Chishti) – Delhi, Salim Ali Ashrafi – Mumbai, Wasim Chishti – Mumbai, Chishti Sufi Suma, Shamsi encourages Sadan . Ajmer Sharif, Yasin Bapu – Gujarat.

Sufi photography by Sufi Musafir, Shaukat Khan, Lujina Khan and Nadeem Khan, Aman Khan.

Haji Syed Salman Chishty – Gaddi Nasheen, Dargah Ajmer Sharif – Chairmen Chishty Foundation – Ajmer Sharif expressed gratitude to all dignitaries present there along with senior artists from India and Abroad. Also proposed to set up a International Sufi Chair at the KGN University which is under construction at Dargah Committee endowments which was very well appriciated n endorsed by President Amin Pathan sb.

Mr. Azeem Memon, festival director also thanks all media representatives and volunteers team for supporting the preparation n final setup of the 12th International Sufi Rang Festival 2019.

Afzal Ali Shah Maududi.

Editor cum Bureau Chief.


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