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interview : President of Abhibhawak Samaj Kalyan Samiti

Abhibhawak Samaj Kalyan Samiti President giving interview to Mr. Sahil Khan, Bureau Chief Ghaziabad

students of milli school with their project

milli student briefing her project

Milli student at Milli Schlool Okhla briefing her project.

bold milli girl briefing her project

Student of Milli School Okhla briefing her project boldly.

students of milli school video

Milli school students of okhla displaying their hydrolic bridge

hard life in hilli area of kashmir

A Lady trying to get fuelwood

Seminar of Al-khair co operative Credit society New Delhi

Al-Khair Co-operative Credit Society, Branch Office New Delhi organized a seminar at Jamia Millia Islamia on 10th December, 2017

tara joshi bsp ghaziabad ward no 49 candidate

Ward no. 49 candidate Tara Joshi, BSP candidate from ghaziabad, up

Congress Party Workers speaking on Demonetization

13 December 2016

Congress party Workers speaking on Demonetization

13 December 2016

Spring Fest 2013 First Look

IIT-Kharagpur Spring Fest in 23-26 January 2013