How to tame the Stars..? 

The great poet who wrote “Saare Jahan se achcha Hindustan Humara” had said “Mohabbat Mujhe un Jawano se hai, sitaron pe jo dalte hai Kaman”, I love those youngsters who tame the direction of the Stars i.e. they are the masters of such extraordinary Power and skills to change the course of Destiny in their favour, who turn failures into successes, losses into gains and take out opportunities out of difficulties.
Have you all ever seen a cell of honey bee? I am sure everyone must have seen it. It is of hexagonal shape and it is the best possible shape for storing the maximum amount honey. Have you ever thought that who taught her to do that? The honey bee is inspired by her Creator to do her job in the most excellent manner which can’t be improved any further. Any attempt to improvise the shapes of her cells will fail miserably. We can’t teach the honey bee a better way of storing honey because she is already doing it in a best possible way.
So don’t you think that our Creator Who is governing the life of a honey bee wouldn’t had given any laws to govern our life. We may try infinite number of ways but peace will only be attained by the ways and laws of the God because that will be the best possible way just like the best possible shape of the honey bee cells.
According to Indian govt. Survey printed in Hindustan Times on 19/2/19, there are 160 million current users of alcohol in India in which men are 17 times higher than women. 57 million people are estimated to be dependent on alcohol, which means that every third alcohol user in India needs help for alcohol related problems. Before we were saying that there is no harm in it, then after many years of research we came to view that there is nothing wrong in having a little amount of it and now according to the latest research we are saying that no amount of it is good at all. So after centuries of waste of human life and sufferings we came to the conclusion that God’s Law – God’s way was correct in prohibiting the alcohol.
In Ghana, by the year 2020 there will be 3 million women aged between 15 to 55 yrs who will not be able to find a husband if every man marries only one women. In Tanzania alone there will be 10 million women who will not be able to find a life partner if each man marries only one wife, so President of Tanzania is offering incentives and he is begging, literally begging on screen for men to marry more than one wife. You know why? Because what is going to happen if these 10 million women will not able to find a man. There will be increase in Prostitution, there will be increase in extra marital affaires, there will be increase in unwanted pregnancies, there will be more abortions and finally there will be more sexually transmitted diseases. So after subjecting million of women to prostitution and sufferings for centuries we came to the conclusion that God’s Law – God’s way was correct in allowing men to marry more than one wife.
Till today, the world is not able to adopt a rational and human approach towards the coloured people. Even biology for some time was used to sanction the colour discrimination. In the United States of America for the last two centuries the courts upheld the discrimination. Thousands of human beings were cursed, gagged and tortured for the ‘crime’ that their skin was black. Separate laws were made for the whites and blacks. They could not even study under the same roof in a same college.
It was only on May 17, 1954 that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that colour discrimination in universities was unjust and against the principle of equality of man. So after committing blunders for centuries we came to the conclusion that God’s law – God’s way of equality of man was correct and such discrimination are unjust and should be abolished.
With a credit card, we want to buy something which we do not need, with the money we do not have, to impress somebody we do not like. The moment we are faced with a problem of not paying back the credit i.e. our bad time starts the good time starts for the credit card company.
There is a country called Congo which produces coco out of which coffee is made, the whole country became a slave to such an extent that they were unable to feed their own children because they have pay their compounding debts by selling coco to the international finance community. Before farmers used to be the slaves of landlords because of compounding interest now World Bank and IMF enslaves countries by the same method.
Any sane person can understand that if money is earned on money lending it would not only dry up the channels of giving charity rather it will give rise to a society of ideal wealth hoarders and blood suckers who will do nothing but only increase the gap between the rich and poor, that why Warren Buffett a billionaire gives an advice to a 14 yr old investor that you should stay away from all types of debts and interests. So after enslaving millions of people for centuries we came to the conclusion that God’s Law – God’s way was correct in banning the Interest.
Recently On 15/1/19 a khap Panchayat leader of Haryana said women no longer need to wear the veil or cover their faces in the villages. The disease is spreading to the villages from the cities. Never before in the History of Mankind shamelessness was given the glittering label of “Art and Culture”, never before immodesty was the accepted norm of life.
Women had been turned into a piece of merchandise. No advertisement is made unless it has a women’s body in it. Films and television and internet are full of sex appeal and magazine and newspapers flourish on the lustful printed and written material. In the name of freedom, women are to be mixed freely with men so that they can be exploited in every possible manner. The resent too movement in India is a latest example of it.
It is due to this disease that we are witnessing a moral plague in the society, where it is getting difficult even to save our minor innocent girls from rapes and sexual abuse. Researches revealed that what the criminals watch on the media and the semi-naked styles of dress in which women go out, also lead to the commission of this reprehensible crime. Hence it comes as no surprise when we hear or read that most of these crimes occur in permissive societies which are looked up as an example of modern civilizations and refinements!
The United States of America is the so called one of the most advanced countries of the world but ironically, it also has one of the highest rates of rapes in the world. FBI reports that 1,756 cases of rape were reported in U.S.A daily, in the year 1990. In the year 1996 the figure went up to 2,713 i.e. every 32 seconds one woman got raped and on top of that if a person commits 125 rapes in the U.S, the chances of his being convicted is only once, and 50% of the time the judge will grant leniency as a first time offender or give a sentence of less than a year!
It was only on Nov.26, 2002 that the Deputy Prime Minister of India Mr. L. K. Advani favored death penalty for the rapist as a solution to this problem. Millions of females were coerced, gagged and tortured and after committing heinous blunders for Centuries we came to the conclusion the Quran is correct with regard to death punishment for the rapist.
After hundreds of years of waste, losses and blunders, after subjecting thousands and millions of peoples to tortures, degradation and corrupting human society, we were able to touch only a fringe of the Divine Law. This is how our human mind dealt with the problems of humanity.
God in His book had imparted the true knowledge of His Laws and Right Code of Living and thus showed us the way by which we can achieve success. Quran shows the right path, the noble course and saves man from error and blunder and experience of the world is testifying to every verse that coming out of this book and in this is a clear sign for all those who want to
Think again…
O Mankind! Verily, there has come to you a convincing proof from your Lord; and We sent down to you a manifest light (the Quran). Ch. 04 Ver. 174.