All India Ullama &Mashaikh Boards holds its annual meeting in Ajmer. Appeals to all Muslims to vote during Ramadan.

The All India Ulama &Mashaikh Board  held its annual meeting,in Ajmer,  at Chisty Manzil on the occasion of 807th Urs of the great Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty  (RA) .  The board  meeting was chaired by its President Hazrat Syed Mohammed Ashraf Kachochvi, and attended by all its executive board members and States Presidents.
  Addressing the meeting the Board President  Hazrat Syed Mohammed Ashraf Kachochvi  said that “We should demolish the walls of hatred and follow the path of Love and Peace “.He further said on this occasion We want to send a message to the whole country ,Even though the elections are being held during the period of Holy Ramadan, It is not going to affect our prayers. We will and should go out to cast our vote. He said that unnecessary  controversy is being created ,about it. He said that we,Muslims do all our work,duties, labour, studies all activities during Ramadan period. Going out to vote will not affect us. In fact, he further added it is a pious duty as our Prophet Mohammed  (SAW) showed the democratic way of electing our representatives and government. 

 Hazrat Syed Mohammed Ashraf Kachochvi further said that as our holy Prophet has given us democracy, it will be all the more pious to cast our vote during Ramadan.  We want to send clear message to all our countrymen to cast their valuable votes in coming elections. The Sajjadanashin of Radauli Sharief Shiekhul Alam and board member ,said ” It is our moral duty to cast our votes and take part in the parliamentary elections””. .Hazrat Syed Ammar Ahmed Ahmedi urf Nayyar Mia said democratic system should be followed and electoral procedures be followed regardless of Ramadan. He said that we must vote wholeheartedly. Syed Tanvir Hashmi of Bijapur (Karnataka) ,said that in order to run a country administration, parliamentary procedure of voting has to be followed. He said that after Sehri and offering our Fajr prayers, we must go out wholeheartedly to vote. We must vote to elect a democratic government. Even if it is held during the holy month of Ramadan,  we must vote for the right candidate and elect a government. Another Board member Syedi Mia said we should not run away from our moral responsibility of voting,which is also our fundamental right. He further said that we must spread this message thru our dargahs and khankahs. 

Syed Salman Chisty sahib, Boards National Secretary and Gaddinashin of Dargah Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty (RA) welcoming all the board members and States President said that it is a historic moment for the board to hold its annual meeting on Ajmer Sheriff on the occasion of Annual Urs. He said that elections are best for Development and Vikas. The country is best suited for democratically elected government. We must vote even during Ramadan.

Syed Aley Rasool Pasha from Telengana in order to finish off the campaign of hatred, being spread by vested interest, in the country,we must go all out to vote,even if it is in Ramadan. Rajasthan State President Qari Abdul Fateh ,and Chattisgarh state President Maulana Mohammed Ali Faroukhi,and Maulana Qutubudfin from MP also attended the meeting and expressed their views.

At the conclusion of the meeting, prayers for the peace and prosperity of the country and the world was offered. It also resolved to finish off hatred and spread the message of Love and Peace.