Intellectuals and Academics gather in Lucknow to condemn 13 point quota roster in college and Universities

A debate was organised at Lucknow by Forum for Critical & progressive Thinking, which saw participation from all political parties except for BJP. Speakers were condemning the recently passed judgement of Supreme  Court on having department wise quota for faculty posts in colleges and universities -13 point roster system. Initiating the debate fiery student leader of Lucknow university Pooja Shukla said how society was fighting caste discrimination. Ajmal khan of AIMIM advocated reservation in judicial and higher government jobs.Anoop Patel of Congress party said that 13 point system was neither feasible or justified. Sujan Singh MLC of SP party said quota dhould be based on caste system and implemented immediately All Should be given proper representation.Shubra Suman -Journalist from Lucknow condemned in strong words the recent Supreme Court judgement on 13 point roster system. Senior journalist Siddarth Kalhans, Dr.Ravikanth of Lucknow University, Naheed Aquil President of All India Pasmanda Muslim,and Abdul Hafiz Gandhi eminent legal lumaninery,  who also conducted the debate. 
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi.
Bureau Chief.