Development budget. Focus on Tourism,Cows and Medical.Minorities gets Rs.942 crores.

The 3rd budget presented by Yogi Adityanath led BJP government  laid importance on Development, infrastructure, modernisation and training of police forces, Education, skill development, construction of Roads,New medical colleges, and creation of jobs for the youth.

Yogi Adityanath said the budget aims at ensuring welfare of all classes to bring happiness and smiles on their faces. The state has progressed and welfare schemes are producing results in form of development.  The development rate has been 7%, and Per Capita income has risen to Rs.55,456/, from 50,000,  Noida International Airport construction has been started which will give a big boost to tourism and hotel industry.

He said that budget size has increased 12% this year, with sizeable allocation of funds 447 crores towards construction of Cow sheds.Thus main focus was on Tourism,  Cows, Culture to popularity theme of Safforonisation. Creation of Bundellkand board, Poorvanchal board, 
and Vyapari Kalyan Board, have been made for their respective development. Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Mission, Creating AIIMS for Rai Barreily, and Gorakhpur.8 new State Medical colleges and 5 District to be upgraded as state level. 

However funds crunch probably compelled the government to incorporate new scheme of Rs.21,212.95 crores in the full budget of 4,79,701.10 crores.3,194 crores for construction of expressways.Rs.250 crores has been alloted for ODOP Schemes, and Rs.100 crores for Mukhyamantri Yuwa Swarozgar Yijna. In the Irrigation sector, allocation has gone up to Rs.12,208,79,against the Rs.10,938,19 crores of 2018 budget. The government has alloted Rs.2203,96 crores this year. The budget has given allocation in name of Bharat Ratan Atal Bihari Vajpayee like 50 crores for Atal Bihari Vajpayee medical University in Luck now,  another 2200 crores Atal Bihari Vajpayee Rejunevation and Urban Transformation  (AMRUT)Scheme..The budget has allocated 1200 crores for Kanya Sumangalam Yojna .

The budget has allocated Rs.175 crores for Metro projects in Agra and Kanpur While can other Rs.150 crores for Varanasi, Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Meerut. KGMU will get Rs.908 crores for its development. 
The state borrowing will increase as Income has been not much.Total indebtedness will be 2.5 times higher than last 10 years. It will reach Rs.473563,22 in March 2020 as against Rs.174971,83 crores.
Budget size has been Rs.4,79,701.10 crores.Total receipts are Rs.4,70684,48 crores.Fiscal deficits is at Rs.46,910.62 crores. Education  has got Rs.73,629,38 crores. Khadi Garam Udyog has Been allocated Rs.5 crores PHD has got Rs.13,135 crores, while Bridges construction will get Rs.2,100 crores.For Zila Vikas schemes development Rs.614 crores from ADB will be taken.Awas Vikas Urban  will get Rs.300 crores, Bundellkand will get Rs. 810 crores Basic Education will get Rs. 18,485 crores.Women welfare scheme will get Rs.1200 for its Kanya Sumangalam Yojna.
Minorities have been allocated Rs.942 crores for scholarship and another Rs.459 crores for Arbi Farsi Madarsas  modernisation scheme. 

Tourism has been allocated Rs.125 for Braj thrath sector, Rs.101 for Ayodhya sector, Garmukhteshwar gets Rs.27 crores.Judicial services gets Rs. 1075 crores for housing projects.
Total expenditure has been projected at Rs.4,79,701,10 crores out of which Rs.3,63,957,04 crores is Revenue expenditure and other Rs.1,15,744,06,crores.While Revenue savings are Rs.27,777,36 crores.Revenue deficits has been project at Rs.46,910,62, crores.which is 2.97% gross domestic production.

However the budget gas been severely criticised by SP and BSP Supremo.

Afzal Ali Shah Maududi.
Editor -Bureau Chief.