What lies behind an idol and a grave?

An idol and grave is only a figment of imagination and there is no reasonable basis to worship it. Its worship is fruitless and is based on account of ancestral customs or thoughtlessness or on false environment or limited outlook. All the idols, saint shrines and fictitious gods like – wealth, position, power, science, selfish desires and so on, which are worshiped besides the One and Only True God are mere delusions. They are certainly things of which we have no knowledge; idols being lifeless things and fictitious gods being nothing but the figments of our own imagination. If we run after these ineffective things, the main purpose of our lives will be lost. We may pretend that saints, wealth, power, science or fulfilment of our selfish desires may take us nearer to our self-development – nearer to the purpose of our existence, but we are altogether on a wrong track.
Most of us are not atheists (who deny the existence of God) or sceptics rather we admit the existence of God but only as an abstract proposition and not in our hearts or souls. The presence of God is not reflected in the way we live our lives.
The things that we worship besides the One and Only True God are our enemies. They can do us no good. Compare their impotence with the power of God. He created us and everything else; He cherishes and guides us: He cares for us and heals when we are sick and when we will die Only He can give us life again.
When we bow down to the real and ever – lasting, we are automatically saved from false and degrading, then why not to turn to the One on Whom we depend and Who Only can forgive and give salvation – the Lord of Grace, Mercy, Justice and Punishment.
Anyone can see Him through the Light in his heart – through the Signs in his Own Conscience and in all Nature around him. Then, the only possible course for him is to give up everything else as false or of a temporary nature and to bring his whole will and actions into complete submission with the only reality, for that is the meaning of Islam – submitting to the Will of God.
Think again…
-by Sultan Ahmed