Why this freedom of choice..?

If God’s plan had been not to grant the limited freedom of Choice or will to men, He could have created them quite differently, or could have transformed them into stationary creatures, either in physical form as in the case of trees, or in moral or spiritual qualities, but then there would have been no possibility of either our progress or downfall.
Man would then have been unable to reach the heights which are now open to him, or if he goes wrong, to return through the door of repentance and mercy, and still pursue the path of his progress.
The ultimate object is to restore him to the pristine purity and innocence in which he was created. The Evil introduced by his possession of a limited free-will should be eliminated by the education and purification of man’s own will. For, with his will and motives purified, he is capable of much greater heights than a creature not endowed with any free-will.
It is God’s goodness to give man all these privileges, and man must shoulder all the duties that go with them; he must realise that with great honour comes great responsibilities, before it’s too late for him to Think again…
Think again…
-by Faisal Sultan