Which is the worst crime in creation..??

Never ever in the history of mankind shamelessness was glorified to such an extent that people practicing adultery and fornication publicly instead of being called as criminals are calibrated as stars – The Pornstars. We are living in times of such moral decay that now adultery also is not a crime.
Supreme Court of India recently said that Now, adultery may be a ground for divorce but is no longer a criminal offence. In a way the court has given license for people to be in marriages and at the same time, have illegitimate relationships with others (The Indian Express News, September 27, 2018).
Homosexuality which was a crime in almost all the countries of the world, a mere twenty to thirty years back, is now no more a crime in India and we should be worried that very soon the Top court may decide that there is nothing wrong in having sex with incest (intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, grandchild and other close family members), because it is also not a crime if the individuals involved are consenting adults in the so called developed countries, whom we are following.
If there is nothing wrong in men marrying to men and women marrying woman and if everyone starts doing so, then how will the human race multiple..?
The Judiciary Systems and the Parliaments of these advanced nations are not only irrational, absurd and insane rather in the name of human rights they have become the Devils workshops from where the laws are passed on regular basis to drag down mankind further and further.
It is worth mentioning here that homosexuality is a crime punishable to death penalty in Islam, Christianity as well as in Judaism.
The Qur’an mentions it as crime worst in Creation ever committed by the people of Messenger Lut (peace be upon him), which was against the laws of all nature.
And on top of that they were not ashamed of it and practiced it not only secretly, but openly and publicly, even in their assemblies exhibiting that degradation could go no further.
They did not believe in God or His retribution, and dared Gods Prophet Lut (pbuh) to bring about the Punishment if he is truthful.
And God’s Wrath did came and destroyed them utterly for their crime, their shamelessness and their defiance against the Al-Mighty, not giving them any chance to
Think again…
-by Faisal Sultan