Shishir Kumar PCS new Director Information. Meets media at Lokbhawan.

Mr. Shshir Kumar-PCS took over as Director, Information -UP Government.  In an informal first meeting with the press  in the Lok Bhawan Mr.Shshir assured the media that he will do all within his power to solve their problems. He also assured that he will be accessible to them.
A 1997 PCS officer Mr. Shshir has been posted at Noida, Lucknow and other places and has also served as ADM and SDM. Posted on an important place of Director Information of UP Government by CM Yogi Adityanath it will be a magnanimous task for this able PCS officer to prove himself. Shishir Kumar assured that he will be available to media for any problems faced by him. It will be seen how he will be able to remove deep rooted corruption in this important department of the government, which is its mouthpiece also.
-Afzaal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor /Bureau Chief. Lucknow.
(Pic by Praveen Srivastava.)