Dada Mia dargah place of Communal harmony and Brotherhood.-Sajjadanashin Sabahat Hasan

The 111th urs of Hazrat Khawaja Nabi Raza urf Dada Mia in Lucknow starts on Friday 30th November till 4th December 2018. Addressing media Sufi Sabahat Hasan, the spiritual sajjadanashin of the dargah said that lakhs of devotees come during the Urf specially from abroad.  Elaborate arrangements are made for their stay and food.
An international seminar on Hazrat Nabi Raza will be held along with other religious ceremonies at the dargah. He was born on 25th Rabiulawwal 1867 and died on 24th Rabiulawwal 1911. He was a disciple of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Hai Chatgami of Jahangiri silsila. Second edition of the book Sundul Auliya will also be released on the occasion.  It contains the teachings of Hazrat Fasahat Mia and his 25 years of attaining the succession of sajjadanashin.
by Afzaal Ali Shaah Maududi, Bureau Chief. Lucknow