American firm to clean contaminated Rivers of UP

A new water purification machine under went a display ,at nd experimental show at river in front of Mankeshwar temple, in lucknow. In an effort to clean all the contaminated rivers of the state American company “Oil Spill Eater International Corporation” , in association with UP Jal Nigam is conducting an experiment in a drain situated in front of Mankeshwar Temple. 

Steve Padigo -Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Oil Spill Eater Corporation, said in an media interactive session that the process to clean the contaminated water in few minutes involves the process in which the flow of polluted water is blocked by the machines and then exposed to the good bacteria for the immediate purification and later the purified water will flow back into the river.
Ralph A.Slazer, Chief Technical Officer of Oil Spill Eater International Corporation said if this experiment satisfies the UP Government Jal Board officials then this experiment will be carried out at other places or rivers,in UP. Company India representative Rajesh Pandey said the cost of cleaning water in other countries is about 40 paisa per litre,but the cost here would be finalised after the experiment is carried out successfully. In the Khumbh mela at Prayagraj this experiment is supposed to act as a milestone to keep the holy river clean.

The experimental process was inspected by Chief Secretary Jal Nigam, AK Srivaestava, MD Water Corporation, Ajay Rastogi, Chief Engr Ganga, and other top official of Jal Board. UP.

Rajesh Pandey inform that the American company is working on 42,000 projects to clean contaminated river water in more than 100 countries . They claim that we can purify water and convert the pollutants into CO2 and clean the water after treating it with chemicals. 

Afzaall Ali Shah Maududi.

Editor -Bureau Chief.