World Peace & Humanity Conference-2018 (WPHC 2018)

The world economic order is changing rapidly due to advancement of science and technology. In spite of, the significant material progress made by the human being due to advancement of science & technology, mankind is still facing the crisis of humanity; crisis of peace and sustainability; and crisis of civilization and sustainability.
Today we all are at the verge of atomic destruction and when everybody is busy in the mad rat race of materialistic pursuit and we are moving in the direction of division of humanity through culture of violence & wars. The world has been transformed into global village where barriers and borders are diminishing, and an emphasis is being placed on the importance of learning how to coexist with people from many different backgrounds. In this globalized world and in a period of global political and economic instability, rising inequality and social unrest, the role of ‘Together for Peace & Social Harmony’ plays very important role in creating sustainable peace & Human Unity.

The main objectives of the conference are twofold:
1) To promote a culture of Peace & social harmony, peace values and global peace education to develop a global non-violent harmonious society.
2) To promote value for Peace, Respect & Dignity for all and to unite like-minded people with the spirit of a ‘Global Family’ (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) to raise global issues in front of public and UN bodies.

Call for Papers:

Sub themes:
1. Global Peace Sciences & Peace building in 21st century
2. Global Education for Peace and harmony in the age of globalization.
3. Global Peace Science, Sociology & Human Rights
4. Global Peace & sustainable development
5. Global Peace, Cultural diversity & Religious Harmony
6. Peace Education for Development and Democracy
7. Global Education for Peace and Enlightenment
8. Global Peace, Women’s Empowerment & Dignity in 21st century
9. Global Peace Education for Youth Leadership
10. Global Education Peace Education, Values Education for Global Citizenship
11. Yoga & Meditation for Peace & Harmony

About Global Harmony Association (GHA) Trust, India :
GHA Trust is an association for creating global impact on society & the world for creating global peace & harmonious society through global peace science research and innovation.
Vision: Advancement of global peace science knowledge for creating global sustainable world.
Mission: The Mission of the GHA Trust is to bring global peace by implementing Peace & harmony Projects.

Conference Secretariat:
1. Mr. Mohammad Ismail, Convener , WPHC 2018;
G-77, Top Floor, Shaheen Bagh, Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi-110025
Email:, M. 9818969055
Website :,
2. Dr. Subhash Chandra, Conference Director
President & Chairman Board GHA – Global Harmony Association, India
M.09910241586; Email: