Right to Peace and Justice

Peace Message
Markandey Rai
Senior Advisor, UN-Habitat
President, GPDSA
Executive President, Nagarik Foundation

God creates us in his form and equal. Our original form is love, peace and compassion, which we have forgotten. No religion or faith teaches us against the universal principles and values of treat others the way you want to be treated. But today reality is entirely different. Where we went wrong? What needs to be done and what role and responsibility we have to carry? If we are the problems then we are the solutions also. It is so simple that it begins from me, you and us to become peaceful. Change yourself, which you wish to see in the world. Spirituality can unite us. UN Security Council should also be reformed to include interfaith leaders to achieve its pious goals for which it was created. Good Education with moral, character and creativity is the key to empower youth to promote peace, harmony and development where we can live together as One Family of God.
Dear Officials GHA and ISMA-TIMES, friends, brothers and sisters.
Let me begin by thanking the GHA and ISMA-TIMES Delhi and especially Dr. Subhash Chandra ji and others for organizing this Conference symposium on the topic of Together for Peace, Justice, Respect, Social Harmony and Dignity for All.
I wish to pray God in all of us who are here or anywhere in the universe with profound respect. We are very fortunate that we are assembled here to discuss a very pertinent topic today, which is a great concern to all of us.To summarize this overall theme I chose the topic Right to Peace and Justice because the theme of this year’s international Day of Peace, which is today itself is “Right to Peace”
It is the perception, which matters more whether the glass is half full or half empty. As for as creator of this universe is concerned, He created this world in his image and asked the human being to lead their life as custodian and not the owner of everything he created. We are not the creator. We were given everything by nature and we are the manipulators. Here is the beginning of the problem.
A person asked the God to give everything to enjoy life. The God replied“I have given you life to enjoy everything. But Judiciously.
All religion teaches us that peace begins from each of us. We are ambassador of peace and we have to make sure that world is peaceful. How to do that is a big question. But the Answer is very simple be peaceful.
We should think of a common denominator based on Global Ethics and principles, which can combine us as one family. The Golden Rule is that Treat Others the way you want to be treated.
If you want to be respected, respect others. If you want to be loved, love others, etc.