Fostering a Culture of Peace through Meditation and Games

Mrs. Ketki Satpute, Ph.D. Student, Department of Education, University of Mumbai & Dr. Sunita Magre, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Education, University of Mumbai
We all want to be successful, happy and lead a peaceful life in this world. But the world in the 21st century has changed drastically. What we observe today is the world torn with conflicts, violence and a sense of peacelessness. If we want human beings of 21st century to be peaceful and living in harmony with each other, we need to develop such peaceful culture. A culture where one is able to adjust with oneself, others and nature for which one must possess such competencies and skills to face the challenges constructively. Education can contribute immensely in fostering a culture of peace which largely depends upon the vision, motivation, competencies and awareness of the teachers towards it. The teachers must cherish the values and attitudes conducive to peace and exhibit the same in their behaviour. They must bring change in themselves first to be the peace-builders. In this respect the present study aimed at developing a culture of peace among student-teachers using innovative strategies which included Meditation and Games. Culture of peace consisted values, attitudes and skills conducive to peace. Pre-test Post-test Non-equivalent group design of Quasi Experimental method was used for the study. The participants of the study included 80 student-teachers, 40 each in experimental group and control group. Modules of innovative strategies were developed and implemented on Experimental group. The data was collected through the scale of measurement of culture of peace and observation schedule, prepared by the researcher. The hypotheses were tested using t-test, paired t-test and ANCOVA. The results indicated significant development in values, attitudes and skills among student-teachers. It revealed, the techniques and strategies if used innovatively, can help immensely in fostering a culture of peace. The educational institutions can adapt such interactive and participatory activities for educating towards culture of peace.