Women’s Play significant role in societal development. Yogi Adityanath at International Media Conference at CMS lucknow.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ceremoniously inaugurated the 8th International Media Conference in Luck now, at CMS Kanpur road Auditorium. The occasion was graced by presence of several media heads,journalists, academics and eminent guest, who had arrived from all over India.At the International Media conference, organised under the aegis of CMS,  on the topic “Curbing Gender Violence ::Role of Media, Society and School “They profusely commended CMS,  which under the guidance of its Founder and renowned Educationist,  Jagdish Gandhi, for raising voice against crimes and atrocities committed against girls and women. 
Addressing the hugely attended gathering on this occasion, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said women are the crux of social uplift and development and hence they should be associated with social progress. He laid great importance on women’s empowerment. The state government is committed to giving women the importance, rights,and respect they deserve today. Yogi Adityanath praised CMS for organising such an event which itself is revolutionary in ushering a secure society to girls and women.CMS President Prof.Geeta Gandhi Kingdom while welcoming the Chief Minister and other guest said that CMS adheres to its mission of imparting quality education to kids and also associated itself with social affairs.
At the press conference addressed by Jagdish Gandhi informed that the speakers were of the opinion that the media and press are very important in creating awareness amongst the youth and incorporating people in this awareness mission should be the prime concern of the fourth pillar of democracy, in association with society and schools. Jagdish Gandhi said that  “besides the government it is paramount duty of Schools, parents and students to take active part in organising awareness  and eradicating the evils of crime against girls and women of our society.”.He further implied that CMS has always laid importance of creating awareness for eradication of social evils ,for which his schools always teach the students about it. 
Geeta Gandhi in her opinion said that We at CMS lays importance to character building of the children, which will lead to a healthier and crime free society. 
Eminent Media personalities like Ajit Anjan,  Rahul Dev, Brajesh Mishra, Rahul Mahajan, Ms.Kshpira Mathur,  G. Immanuel -Chairman CISCE and Mrs.Rekha Sharma -Chairperson National  Commission for Women, all laid importance to the role of society and students in eradicating this evil of crimes against women. Speaking to Bureau Chief of ISMATIMES, thay also said that atmosphere of the home should be healthier and children should be taught positive things of life.. Some speakers also advocated the usage of speedy judiciary.  The role of Police also came into scrutiny of the panel of speakers. A impartial enquiry should be held by police force to bring forth the culprits to jail and punished thereafter. The entire panel of speakers condemned the brutal rapes of minors, in Muzzaffarpur and said that all the culprits should be arrested and justice be done to girls of the mass rape. Such incidents should not be committed in future. They also laid  emphasis on safety and security of women’s at work place also.
It is to be observed that recent increase of crimes against women has caused concern amongst civil societies and it us appreciated that schools lije CMS have increased their efforts to stop and solve such criminal activities and bring normalcy in society. Efforts of Jagdish Gandhi are appreciable.
by Afzall Ali Shah Maududi, Editor -Bureau Chief.