Dhadak romantic Jaanvi -Ishaan woos Lucknow with their Charm..

Dhadak, It was awesome moment first for the trailer projection of Dhadak and then when the stars of the movie Jaanvi and Ishaan came together, to address the press conferences, at a premiere PVR in Lucknow. It was, to say the least when both young stars, humbling and bubbling started answering to a galaxy of multiple questions.
Ishaan confidently said the film Dharak is a romantic movie which tries to break the caste, creed and religious barriers, of the society. Shot in the picturesque deserts of Rajasthan and Marwar region, this love story has all elements of super duper mega hit movie. Beautiful music and lyrics are the main features of the movie. Beautifully and extensively shot in Rajasthan it also depicts a sensuous Rajasthan to the viewers.
Replying to, Jaanvi said that she has always been inspired by her Mother, the megastar Sridevi and that she would to do her Sadma film again. Ishaan, who is younger brother of Filmstar Shahid Kapoor was excited for the movie and disclosed that he has been to Lucknow many a times, with her famous Kathak dancer mother. He along with Jaanvi said they loved Lucknowi food, specially Tunday Kawabi. Earlier they toured Roomi Darwaza and were impressed by its Architecture.
Jaanvi looked confident in her beautiful blue dress and displayed the poise and confidence of her late Mother Sridevi. She replied to my question that “comparisons with her mother is obvious , but she has a lot way to go. I have always paid attention to my characters in the movie and that She has always got love, affection and guidance from her.”
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor