Concerned at LU development Ex-President presents Memorandum to Governor. Demands immediate elections of Students Union.

IIn an unprecedented move many Ex Presidents and officials of the Prestigious Lucknow University gathered today, 11th July to show their concerns and solidarity against the high handedness of the government and University officials towards the students of the university.  They also expressed great concern over the breakdown of dialogue between students and teachers. 

Addressing the hugely attended press conference Atul Anjaan, a former President of the students union of the Lucknow University said that there is plenty of tension in the university campus. It has been converted into a Jail or a stable instead of a teaching hub. He further alleged that why not students union elections are not being held? ?.Why are the Governor, who is the Chancellor of the university and CM are running away from holding democratically students election.
Levelling serious allegations on the government Satyadeo Tripathy, who had been president of 2 universities said that all democratic rights are being finished and students are being unnecessarily targeted. Their results ,are withheld and legal cases filed against them, to harass them. Tripathi recalled that even when Nehru was PM,  he faced black flags on the university campus in Allahbad University but tell never opposed these incidents. In fact he highlighted these as healthy sign of democracy.

Arvind Singh Gope, another firebrand ex president of the university said in a chat with me that Universities are places of teaching and not politics or criminal activities. Dialogue is a must in a democratic country.  Saroj Tiwari said tolerance is a must and universities campus should not be targeted. 

Replying to a query Atul Anjaan said that there was no outside interference on the campus as alleged.  University is a modern Temple he said.It is sad that this government is killing the aspirations of the younger generation and killing democracy. They have a right to protest and their demand for students union elections should be met immediately. 
Senior Samajhwadi leaders like Rajender Chaudary,  Ravi dass Mehlotra,  Dr.Rajpal Kashyap, Manoj Tiwari Dr.Ramesh Dixit  were also present to show their support. 

A memorandum of 5 demands will be presented to the Governor also which includes holding of union elections without delay, students be allowed to hold seminars, conferences and other legal teaching activities on the university campus,to give admissions to all students who qualified for it, Teachers should be given due respect and both students and teachers should come forward for a dialogue. 

Afzall Ali Shah Maududi. 
Editor /Bureau Chief.