Brave heart girls on SAFAR -e -Hindustan tour on motorcycles to create awareness about Helmets and Against Suicides.ROAR.

Two brave heart young girls, Elby Jolly of Baroda and Harsha Mishra of Patna,  though young in ages,  but high aims and motives,  as high as mount Everest and intentions, very clean. are on an ambitious mission of riding on Bullet motorcycles,covering  an estimated 25,000 km thru 29 states and 196 cities of India . SAFAR -E-HINDUSTAN.
Just before the flag off of their 70 days tour ,Elby Jolly and Harsha were full of enthusiasm, energy and hoping that their mission to create an awareness about wearing Helmets, mission against acid throwing, Against suicides, and for safety of women in India, Elby said that they are expecting support from all youngsters, school girls,and gen next,  to achieve success in their mission. Their ideal is famous Late Sanaa Iqbal.
The Bullet trip is being held under the aegis of ROAR -Royal Official Armoured Riders, an NGO, From Lucknow. Shahid speaking on behalf of the ROAR, said that we are hopeful that this holy message will create an awareness amongst the youngsters, all over India.
The trip will be sponsored by NCC and Alembic. The brave hearts girls will be riding early at 5 am till 4pm and then rest. They will be addressing the media on the way.
Afzall Ali Shah Maududi
Editor /Bureau Chief