Rashtriya Shia Samaj to support Modi in 2019 elections.Bhukkal Nawab.

Bhukkal Nawab , BJP MLC held a press conference today in Lucknow, with a bold declaration on behalf of 4.5 crores, strong  Shia community that they are behind BJP and Narender Modi. Creating a confusion with the banner  Rashtriya Shia Samaj —
RSS, Bhukkal Nawab stated that it’s just a co-incedence that the abbreviated form RSS coincided. Displaying some 20 Shia clergy who had come to attend the press conference.

Levelling serious allegation on all previous government, including Samajhwadi Party, of which he was a former member and EX-MLC he said that Shia community and it’s members suffered immensely under them. Citing the various lathi charges against them under SP and BSP governments, he said that now shias are behind BJP. Replying to my question regarding Waseem Rizvi -the controversial Shia Waqf Board Chairman, Bhukkal Nawab could not specifically justify  his absence at the Press conference. However he said that Waseem Rizvi backed the conference, something which has to get verified. 

Reiterating that Modi led BJP will return to power in 2019.  Bhukkal Nawab however admitted that the central government could not solve the Shaiye Marden Qabristan (,in New Delhi,) controversial encroachment . 

He again stated that his community supports the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and said that the Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya was built by Shia Nawabeen along with the Hanuman Mandir in Aliganj Locality in Lucknow.  Prominent Shia Clergy which attended included Maulaba  Syed Farman ,Syed Mirza Farm at, Syed Iqdidar Menhdi,  Syed Dildar,  Syed Gulzar,  Syed Mohd.  Ashraf Ali, Syed Tahir, Syed Janealam of Gujarat, Syed Gulam Abbas of MP,  Syed Iqtedar of Moradabad. Syed Taffazul of Imambara Gufranmab Maulana Shan e Haider of Kazmain, and others.

Afzal Ali Shah Maududi. 
Pictures by Pravin Srivastava.