Dr. Anoop Chand Pandey takes over as new Chief Secretary of UP.

Dr. Anoop Chand Pandey  IAS took over as new Chief Secretary of the UP State today. Considered to be architect of the success of The Investors Summit recently held. Briefing media and press. Dr. Pandey was in upbeat mood and complimented the bureaucracy by acknowledging that he has the best IAS team,  at his disposal. He said that his priority will be to implement Government party manifesto,  towards development of the state. 
He applauded his predecessor Rajeev Kumar and said his good work will be carried forward, so that the government policies and schemes reaches the Maximum. Dr. Anoop Pandey said that the Investors Summit was a huge success and it will increase employment and investment in the state. He said that farmers income will double in coming days and prices of their products will be increased. 
Investment and Foreign Direct Investment will also rise soon. He disclosed that the Officers and Employees relations will also improve and that employees grievances will be solved, in right Ernest soon. He said that morals of the state employees will be considered on priority  so that work culture is the best.
by Afzall Ali Shah Maududi, Editor/Bureau Chief.