Not chanting Bharat Mata is not anti national. Tharoor urges youth to join AIPC to defend and save constitution.

Lucknow, 14th May, 2018: In his imitable style, Dr. Shashi Tharoor took the battle royal in BJP camp. Speaking under the umbrella of ALL INDIA PROFESSIONAL CONGRESS, UP Chapter. On the topic “Building the nation with politics of Inclusiveness”, the MP from Trivanthapuram he said that Presently we are living under suppressive conditions. He said that Hinduism has taught all of us, tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is a virtue and a patronising idea, but acceptance is a different ball altogether. It implies that if I believe, I have the truth, you believe you have the truth. Both should respect each other. The present BJP government is bent upon imposing their own Hinduvta agenda. “We are a nation of 4 religions originally and 4 were brought from outside. We when got independence in 1947, had 90 %, population under poverty line which has marginally come down and literacy level which was 17%, then has risen to only 23%. He ridiculed the government which had promised 2 crores of jobs every year, has only provided only 18 lakhs jobs, in 4 years of rule”.
Narrating from his own experience in Europe, while travelling from plane to airport terminal, the wily politician said that passenger recognition and requested him to say something. Instantly he said “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. but the present government insisting to us to say something which one’s religion doesn’t allow, is against the fundamentals of the Constitution.
Addressing the packed gathering of over 3000 invitees, Dr. Shashi ridiculed the various policies of BJP government and said they are adopting all those policies which were initiated by Manmohan Singh led UPA government, like Adhaar, FDI, GST etc etc. He reminded that UPA government had introduced GST to the level of 18%, while the present government has raised it to 28% and otherwise included all hidden and indirect taxes in it. He quoted “Alvida kehta huai mine usko kaha koi, nishani toh dedo, wo muskarety hui boli 28 % GST Lelo.
Demonising the government, Tharoor said the agenda of polarisation and dividing the society on religious basis is the only agenda of this, aimless government. Citing the recent controversy over the Photograph of Jinnah in ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY , Tharoor said that the photo was installed in 1938 and the BJP government was in power in UP many times after independence. How come they did not address this when they were on power, both at centre and state. He reminded that all the changes are to be done within the parameters of the constitution and framework of the University laws. It is their polarisation politics to divide the nation.
Shashi Tharoor said we in India are proud of UP legacy, culture, customs traditions and heritage. Proud of Jhansi ki Rani, Begum Hazratmahal, Ganga jamuni Tehzeeb, Dewaa Sheriff, Gautam, Sharavasthi, Taj Mahal. He said that present BJP government has not given any place to TajMahal in its brochures, this year, which is the saddest part. Ancient civilization is threatened by Hindu Rashtravad destroyed everything on basis of violence. He said Beautiful India is like a Thali, full of varied dishes bowls. It is based on identities, 23 languages, 14-15 scriptures, 4 major religions of the world and 85 political recognised parties.
Shashi Tharoor said professionals like Dr. Soz and his wife have left lucrative jobs to return to India and serve it. All India Professionals Congress is a platform for such professional to join and serve the bastions. Yours and everyone ideas, suggestions are welcome and will be incorporated in Congress party manifesto and policy matters. Tharoor invited all to join this group in UP and strengthen the Congress party.
Another youngsters Aaleem Javeri spoke in his encouraging words, to join the movement, specially the youngsters, in the group of 25 to 35 years of age. The nation needs them to stop the division of the country. Dr. Amitha Singh also highlighted the achieving UP Chapter which is young enough. 5 research papers prepared by young members of the UP Chapter, presented their works to Dr. Tharoor.
By Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor /Bureau Chief, Lucknow.